Carey Price: a worrying setback

The star goaltender was conspicuous by his absence from the ice. He will accompany the team to New York to see the doctor who operated on his knee on July 23, not to fraternize with colleagues.

The team is still talking about a daily assessment in his case, but that will not erase the doubts that this setback has raised on his return to the game.Martin St-Louis named the fatigue to end the recall of Cayden Primeau at the end of the week to justify. a fatigue that would have to be reassessed…

On Tuesday, the speech had deviated slightly.

Is it a morale blow? [de le voir partir]? I do not know. It was nice to see him again after a long year of battling this injury. We knew it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing. Here we arestarted St-Louis, sibylline.

Every attempt to find out more has failed. Obvious motto: say as little as possible. Probably because they know so little.

I don’t know if it’s a relapse. I’m glad he was able to play. Let’s see what the next few days bring. »

A quote from Martin St-Louis on Carey Price

There is now no doubt that they could bring bad news.

Josh Anderson finally admitted his concerns after a few questions. Samuel Montembeault preferred to focus on his private life, the future of which is not only uncertain but perhaps inextricably linked to the whims of Carey Price and his weakened joints.

With two solid starts and enviable stats, things had started well for the man with a heavy contract. Things got out of hand over the weekend after a contact with teammate Jordan Harris. Price then looked uneasy in the game against the Senators, his fourth in nine days.

We followed what Carey told usrecalled St-Louis to justify the use of No. 31.

According to ex-goalkeeper Martin Biron, this step backwards was to be expected.

I was encouraged to see him moving well, moving and responding well physically. I also expected that there would be a little break. Physically and mentally, things pile up after two or three gameshe started when he was reachable by phone somewhere near idyllic Buffalo.

Biron remembers the Lord’s story, his many surgeries and that horrific injury in 2014, including on the knee. Which ones by the way? We know nothing about Eve or Adam.

And yet the Sabers’ former bouncer inquired about the situation.

I’ve asked people around and it’s pretty classified. It’s also normal. He had a lot of knee problems. I understand the organization and Careyhe said.

However, the fact that he expected such news does not reassure Martin Biron. At almost 35, Price seems to be at a crossroads and so does the Canadian.

I wouldn’t say I’m not worried, but I’m not surprised. After 10 days you must report on the physical situation when you return from a long absence. But to be honest, I didn’t expect him to come back this year panties. I’ve been worried all season. »

A quote from Martin Biron on Carey Price

Biron even went on with a comparison that could make the ears of the CH goalkeeper’s biggest supporters bleed.

Without wanting to compare them directly, I played with Rick DiPietro for the New York Islanders. He had knee problems and it kept coming back. He was able to continue his career for a few seasons, but it was very limitedsaid Biron.

A comparison would indeed be unfair. DiPietro has fewer starts in his career than Price has won with the Habs. However, the problem is the same.

From 2008 to 2013, DiPietro only appeared in 50 games…

If we trust Price’s comments, which recently confirmed this doesn’t want to be a burden on his teamthe star of Anahim Lake won’t make it there.

the misfortune of some

Indirectly, Samuel Montembeault could be the beneficiary of all of this. The two goalkeepers before him, both in their 30s, have been suffering for a few months and are regularly absent. Those directly behind him in the hierarchy, Cayden Primeau and Kevin Poulin, don’t seem ready to steal his job.

Primeau because his progress has stagnated, Poulin because at 32 he is not in the team’s long-term plans.

Montembeault’s stats certainly don’t give him a good leg, but circumstances mitigate.

Samuel Montembeault in a game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Photo: Radio Canada / JONATHAN ROBERGE

The Bécancour goalkeeper hasn’t received much affection from the organization this year despite laudable efforts to help a struggling side.

St. Louis was more encouraging on Tuesday.

goaler dans la LNH. Je pense qu’il a monté sa valeur comme gardien. Il a saisi son opportunité. Ça n’a pas toujours été facile, mais il a continué à se battre. Je lui lève mon chapeau”,”text”:”Il a montré qu’il peut goaler dans la LNH. Je pense qu’il a monté sa valeur comme gardien. Il a saisi son opportunité. Ça n’a pas toujours été facile, mais il a continué à se battre. Je lui lève mon chapeau”}}”>He’s shown he can do it goalkeeper in the NHL. I think he increased his value as a goalkeeper. He took his chance. It wasn’t always easy, but he kept fighting. I tip my hat to himstarted the trainer.

Montembeault will be a restricted free agent this summer and has not yet held talks with CH’s new administration. No rush, the Canadian has the luxury of having time before making him an offer.

I want to stay here. We’ll see what happens with the negotiations. »

A quote from Samuel Montembault

I need to improve my consistency. When I was second goaltender it was fine, but when Jake (Allen) got injured I didn’t play anymore. I had several good games, then one that statistically hurt me. I’m aiming for consistency next yearhe added.

A challenge that is probably widespread among CH players.

Weaver in Montreal

Canadiens captain (always) Shea Weber will make a rare appearance in Quebec on Friday. Like every season, Mannberg has to undergo a medical check-up with the team’s doctors because his name always appears on the CH payroll.

Contrary to what was written on some platforms, according to the Canadian, his presence in the annual balance sheet on Saturday was still not confirmed.

It’s also unclear if the captain, who is unofficially retired, will attend next Tuesday’s state funeral honoring Guy Lafleur. His move to Montreal was originally intended to be a side trip, but plans are always subject to change, management said.

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