Calls for caution on social media about poisoning in bars

The bars of Trois-Rivières are raising concerns among late-night customers who fear poisoning.

At least that’s what it says on social media. More and more posts appear advising caution in bars in the area.

People who claim to know a victim or have been drugged themselves without their knowledge. However, according to the complaints registered with the Trois-Rivières police, this would not be a growing problem.

“In terms of complaints, we don’t have that many. We’ve counted two or three since the beginning of the year, which is within the range of what we usually have,” said Trois-Rivières police spokeswoman Carole Arbelot.

Even among bar owners, it’s difficult to really know what’s going on.

“With bars closing during the pandemic, we know that the 16-18 year olds who were 18-20 two years ago have never been going out, they’re going out all at once. They are people who may lack experience in their consumption and all. Are there more young patients or are there more date-rape drugs around, I really wonder,” said Alexandre Scramble, owner of bars Infidèle and P’tite Grenouille.

According to Ms Arbelot, if you suspect you’ve accidentally taken drugs, the first thing to do is take a blood sample. Then file a report with the police and possibly initiate investigations.

This is exactly what Mr. Brouillette was about to do when rumors of poisoning circulated around his facilities. Since then, cameras have been spotted, staff keep a lookout, and even small searches are carried out at the bar’s entrance.

There are at least remedies for poisoning in bars.

For example, a self-adhesive plastic sheet that Alco Prévention Canada launched two weeks ago has been added to a range of tips to help you celebrate with ease. Once stuck onto the glass or cup, simply pierce it with a straw to drink.

“The French government, as I told you, has bought more than 400,000 units, which it is distributing in bars and to women aged 15 to 30,” said Alco Prévention Canada Director General Stéphane Mrais.

Approximately 10,000 units were distributed in Quebec. An awareness campaign could also begin.

The most useful advice will always remain to remain vigilant.

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