Anatomy of a Scandal | The worst/good series from Netflix

It’s cheesy, over the top and cheesy, like the music video Now everything comes back to me by Celine Dion, but I swallowed all, sorry, of it soap sulphurous made in England.

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It thunders just as the action thickens and the camera spins, waltzes and twirls until you get dizzy.

There’s Michelle Dockery, also known as Lady Mary of Downton Abbey, sipping a peaty scotch and staring into space, the perfect prelude to a panic attack in a far too fancy apartment. Add here the deafening sound of a commuter train passing two feet to accentuate poor Lady Mary’s inner cacophony.

There’s Rupert Friend, aka Agent Peter Quinn hometownwho squints and embodies an oily and pretentious politician, pure product of the London bourgeoisie, educated in the private clubs of Oxford University.

And there’s Sienna Miller, who inherits a thin and conventional role, that of the betrayed, humiliated, and obliterated wife behind her popular husband, but not as perfect as his campaign posters.

This Netflix series created by the creators of Big little lies, The exercise and house of cardsis called Anatomy of a Scandal, Anatomy of a Scandal in French and it’s a hit all over the world.

But beware. This domestic political intrigue, filmed on a lavish budget, will close you in like a trap. After the first episode, accompanied by thunderous music and pompous style effects, your curiosity will be aroused.

A politician, a mistress, gluttonous tabloids, a wealthy white family swept up in scandal, it’s a classic but impactful canvas. think of The doom (First impressions) with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

The third episode drags on, but the fourth ends on such a massive — and unbelievable — blow that you’ll devour the last two hours in one go. Anatomy of a Scandal therefore completed in six hours, and you will emerge from this affair of sex, betrayal and manipulation with a strange sense of shame mixed with satisfaction.

Not least because the final revenge scene of the miniseries is delightful. On the other hand, the path covered to this epilogue is arduous.

Anatomy of a Scandal sets his magnifying glass on the charming Conservative Minister James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), his elegant wife Sophie (Sienna Miller) and their two adorable blonde children. The series begins with a disturbing phone call in the middle of a champagne party, what a lack of propriety to be honest. The British press is about to reveal that James Whitehouse, the country’s hottest politician, had a five-month affair with one of his young employees. Shocking ! Worse still, the victim accuses her boss of rape. damn it !

Sophie Whitehouse’s lifelong dream will be shattered and she too will down Chablis glasses and contemplate the emptiness of her existence in a modern and tasteful kitchen that costs the price of a chalet on Lake Memphremagog.


Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery) is the prosecutor Anatomy of a Scandal.

There where Anatomy of a Scandal If he scores the most points, he will be shot onto the field in sequences. District Attorney Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery) and Minister’s Counsel Angela Regan (Josette Simon) conduct rigorous interrogations over consent forms, with the details telling vastly different #metoo stories, according to the person who remembers it.

Obviously almost all characters fromAnatomy of a Scandal, including the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attended the renowned University of Oxford at the same time. A series of flashbacks to the late 1990s show us the extent of the skeletons they buried in their respective closets.

Yes, it’s big, syrupy, and far-fetched, but it’s eye-catching and only lasts six hours. Little expenditure of time for a promising return of pleasure.

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