“We’re scared”: Your house is riddled with bullets twice a month

A family in L’Île-des-Sœurs, who were hit twice by gunfire at their home in the middle of the night, are terrified and are demanding concrete action from the city, fearing their nightmare will never end.

“We are scared. We live in fear. There are four children at home. I don’t want us to wake up to a tragedy one day. I want it to move. We’re in danger in Montreal. It’s not safe,” the terrified mother said yesterday with emotion, who no longer wants to be identified for fear of reprisals.

An officer is investigating the first shots fired at the Nuns' Islands residence on April 1.

Photo agency QMI, Erik Peters

An officer is investigating the first shots fired at the Nuns’ Islands residence on April 1.

Montreal police were called to the scene to shoot on Friday night. They found shell casings and bullet holes on the spot, but no suspects have been arrested yet.

Luckily nobody was hurt.

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But just a few weeks earlier, the house on the Chemin du Golf had been the target of shots, which the family then explained as stray bullets.

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This time, the mother of the family tortures herself to the point that she can hardly sleep at night.

“It will leave a lot of scars. It is not okay to aim for a home with children. If I close my eyes, I hear the shots,” she said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

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“I want answers. I have so many questions. We’re being targeted for the second time, by who? Why ? “, she continued.

She and her spouse are demanding more protection and visibility from the police, as well as a post closer to the growing family neighborhood.

“We are a small community. People are worried. I have children that I have to protect,” said the family man.

The house was attacked again on Friday.

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The house was attacked again on Friday.

When passing the protocol Yesterday, about thirty people, neighbors and relatives, gathered in front of the house as a sign of solidarity to add their voice to that of the family and to demand concrete action.

“We have the feeling that the police are not present,” sighed Mhamed Chemmssy, a neighbour. Also, nobody came to help the family, for bulletproof glass or psychosocial support. »

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Bilal Abdulkader, whose daughter is friends with one of the residents of the home, finds it “very disturbing” to see this type of violence in the family neighborhood.

“There are children. We need the police and the city of Montreal to focus on family safety here. It’s really scary. We’re looking for answers, we’re looking for safety and we need to reassure the family that it will stop.” , he said.

Prevention is better than cure, says Anwar Abdedrahim, the mother’s brother-in-law, who offered to house the children.

The eldest, 14 years old, refused to leave her parents at home alone.

“I tried to calm the kids down by telling them it was stray bullets the first time. But the second time I had nothing more to say. It’s no coincidence,” he said.

“It’s not the right address that’s being attacked,” hammered Marc Patenaude, a teacher who taught the four children and who knows the family well.

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