Star Académie: Éloi comments on Gregory Charles’ attitude towards him

This Sunday, Krystel won the 2022 edition of Star Academy while all believed that Éloi’s victory was obvious. The day after the grand finale, we got to chat with the finalists.

Éloi says he is calm about his defeat. ” Even if I don’t emerge as a big winner, in a way I still emerge as a winner because I’ve had a great experience, great encounters with incredible teachers who have taught me many things. There is no disappointment this morning. »

He is also satisfied with his performance on Sunday. Let’s remember that he played the piece ” When men will live by love” by Raymond Levesque. “That was really what I wanted to show the public, that’s the message I wanted to convey in relation to everything that’s happening in the world right now. I wanted to give hope. »

Viewers often found Gregory Charles harsh on Éloi. More details here. Here’s what he had to say about it: Gregory and I think a lot. He agreed on some things that I didn’t agree with, which meant we were a little stubborn about certain things. But it should help me. It was never badly done or badly said. Greg told me about the weeks when I hadn’t done a good job. That made me work harder. In my head I wondered why he was telling me this as I thought I was working but it made me push myself even further. His comments brought only good, never bad. »

We also had the chance to chat with the winner, Krystel. Here’s what she had to say the day after her stunning victory.

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