Montreal wants to rename a public place in honor of Guy Lafleur

Montreal is considering naming a street, park or other public space in honor of Habs legend Guy Lafleur, who died Friday at the age of 70. However, the law requires you to wait at least a year before making an appointment.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina
The press

“Guy Lafleur was already in the city plans. Great Montrealers, we’re thinking of us upstream,” Mayor Valérie Plante said during a Monday morning press scramble just before a city council meeting. “The answer is yes. Of course we will find a way to honor Mr. Lafleur’s memory and legacy,” she affirmed.

However, its administration is a reminder that toponymy rules require you to wait a bit before proceeding. According to the Commission de toponymie du Québec (CTQ), a place name cannot be assigned “to a person who has died less than a year”.

The CTQ thus adheres to the principle established at the United Nations conferences on the standardization of geographical names, “that it is not appropriate to introduce personal names into toponymy before a certain period of time has elapsed. has elapsed since her death. The authorities specify that “without being bound by this deadline, it is possible to designate a place to evoke a work or an event that pays homage to a person, whether that person is deceased or not”.

On Friday, Prime Minister François Legault said he was open to the idea of ​​renaming Highway 50 Outaouais in honor of the “blonde demon”. Quebec also announced last Friday the release of a condolence register for Guy Lafleur.

The work has already started

Despite this peculiarity of the law, Valérie Plante assures her: “The work has already begun”, she slipped, but refused to push the choice of the space that will eventually bear the name of Guy Lafleur. On Sunday, Quebec confirmed that the funeral of the deceased will be held at Montreal’s Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral on May 3 from 11am.

The city must hold its “Montréal climate summit” on the same day, which it does not want to postpone despite everything, “because the planet cannot wait,” Mayor Plante said on the subject, but confirmed that she would attend the funeral.

According to her, this is “an important moment” for residents of Montreal and Quebec. “I’m very proud that it’s taking place here in Montreal. And for our part we are always in touch with the organizers and the family to find the right formula for them. I would also like to thank the family for giving us the opportunity to pay our last respects to Mr Lafleur. I think that’s very generous on her part,” stressed the officer-elect, saying she was “impressed and touched” by “the avalanche of good words for Mr Lafleur”.

“Both in terms of his performance as a hockey player in Montreal and in terms of the very personal aspect of the man […], it seems that every person Guy Lafleur has met has a very strong memory. He had a lot of generosity,” she concluded.

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