After 2 years of suffering, these 3 zodiac signs will have a happy time

The transit of the Sun in Taurus will be favorable for certain signs of the zodiac. After a difficult few months, these signs are met with a happy time. Mars retrograde occurs every two years and dominates the energy and passion of the signs. During this difficult time, the signs of the zodiac have had to go through some difficulties. After the Full Moon in Libra and the Sun entering Taurus, this time will foster relationships and union with others. These signs will be able to focus on their long-term goals to create a plan to achieve them. Financial and stability issues will be at the heart of their concerns.

Here are the three zodiac signs who will have a happy time after this full moon on April 16th.

Which zodiac signs will have a happy time?

These zodiac signs will receive all the warmth from the sun in Taurus. With this new cycle, they will be able to restore order to their lives to finally live the life they deserve. With a lot of patience and iron discipline, they set about realizing their wildest dreams and are rewarded for all their efforts.


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The Sign of Gemini – Source: spm

As Mars moves retrograde, Gemini has experienced several years of questioning and introspection. After a long loss of motivation, Gemini finally finds new projects with the sun transit in Taurus. The difficulties encountered on a personal level will gradually disappear to make way for a deep fulfillment for this air sign. At work, there will also be a time of rest. Any conflicts that may arise with colleagues elude new partnerships and a new understanding within the professional group. That Gemini will be able to realize their many ideas that will please their employer. This brings them an additional financial gain through a well-deserved bonus. You have the opportunity to rise to a higher level and get a position of responsibility.

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happy Libra

The Sign of Libra – Source: spm

With Mars retrograde, Libras encountered some difficulties with their relationships as this airy sign tended to leave them out. Libra representatives were also unmotivated and felt exhausted at work. For this new period, the stars will align with Libra. After this full moon in their sign, this air sign is set his relationships at the center of his concerns. Libras in a relationship will put their partner first to step up and find a new balance after a difficult few weeks. Single Libras will likely meet someone who will turn their lives upside down this summer. You will no longer have blocks and will be able to fully enjoy your summer with this new person. At work, they recharge their batteries and succeed in making new contacts with colleagues and getting new projects off the ground.

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The Sign of Sagittarius – Source: spm

Mars retrograde will have caused Sagittarius great financial damage. During this difficult time, this fire sign had many financial problems that prevented him from traveling. For this new cycle, Sagittarians will be ready to go on an adventure again. They will be willing to explore new perspectives in their lives to get out of their comfort zone. They’ve learned a lot about relationships in the past few weeks, and now they’re ready for a fresh start. This time will be the way for this fire sign to regain their freedom and live a happy and fulfilling life. They receive good news on a professional level that will allow them to develop their careers. Single Sagittarians are likely to experience a beautiful love story this summer that will change their lives. Financially, they will receive additional income from a highly profitable investment.

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