This populism that is so scary

One is drawing crowds into its crusade against inflation and temple guards, the other has recruited an army of activists and donors outraged against health extremism.

One wants to lead the Conservative Party of Canada, the other wants to impose the Conservative Party of Quebec.

Pierre Poilievre and Éric Duhaime are not in the top.

They arouse distrust and accusations. Are they changing the political landscape?

Trump card bright?

This is the accusation heard a thousand times.

Through their opposition to health measures and their support for truckers, Éric Duhaime and Pierre Poilievre attempted to import Trumpism into Canada.

It’s easy. It hits. It demonizes.

Admittedly, these populists from Canada and Quebec, like Donald Trump, are fed up with a section of society at odds with prevailing evangelicalism.

However, they did not inherit the toxic mistakes of the former American president.

We’re a thousand miles away “Drain the Swamp”Xenophobia, Corruption and the Frontal Assault on Democracy.

Also, do not question the constitutional order or our charters of rights and freedoms.

no Éric Duhaime and Pierre Poilievre interfere because they act unrestrainedly against the sacred cows.

legacy of COVID

Does Quebec’s COVID record justify having imposed the strictest health measures for so long?

Did it make sense for telecommuting officials and truck drivers to be vaccinated?

It is revealing that suddenly asking these questions is no longer heresy, as it was nine months ago.

Given the repeated failures of the pandemic, should we dare to reconsider the place of private healthcare?

Haven’t the Trudeau administration and Bank of Canada policies contributed to the scourge of inflation?

Is the city bureaucracy partly responsible for the lack of new housing being built every year?

These are the issues that our populists today have raised.

We are a long way from Donald Trump’s January 6, 2021 call for an uprising and Marine Le Pen’s identity extremism.


Go downstairs. As for the shape, it’s different.

There is a risk of Poilievre and Duhaime.

Criticizing the Bank of Canada’s timid response to inflation is one thing.

Blaming them for being run by financially illiterate, as Pierre Poilievre does, is another.

It is one thing to be outraged about exit restrictions and the expansion of wearing the mask.

Recruiting a “strong candidate” for whom the “vaccine sucks,” as Éric Duhaime did, is another.

Outrage makes you mobile. Simple solutions are reassuring. This is the easy part of the equation.

Denouncing the failures of the ruling elites is perfectly legitimate in a democracy.

It is still necessary to do so without undermining its foundations. Therein lies the challenge.

It’s a bit like playing with fire.

After lighting the flame, Pierre Poilievre and Éric Duhaime must prove they are capable of handling it without getting burned and catching fire.

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