The unmissable AirPods Pro promo is here, take advantage of it

news good plan The unmissable AirPods Pro promo is here, take advantage of it

Well, we won’t lie to each other: all Apple products are expensive, that’s a known and accepted fact. Despite this, some resellers do not hesitate to apply some promotions: it is clearly good to take, as in the case of the AirPods Pro at Darty.

Apple managed to significantly democratize wireless headphones and has since had time to create even more advanced models. The AirPods Pro are definitely the top of the range and Darty just applied a promotion of -7% on the original price: it does not seem to say so much, but it allows you to pass from €259 to €239€. And at this price, it’s something to consider.

Buy the AirPods Pro for €239 at Darty

AirPods Pro in reduction: Apple-style wireless headphones with noise canceling

Apple is very, very good at delivering quality wireless headphones, and the AirPods Pro are a great example of that. The famous objects are offered here in three sizes, equipped with tips (large, medium and small) that fit every ear : they hold up perfectly, are light, adopt the Apple design more subtly and also, and above all, make a very nice sound.

The big advantage of this popular Pro version lies in active noise cancellation : When enabled, outside noise is almost completely muted to maximize immersion. A real asset to make the most of your content on public transport or in noisy environments! And if you want to hear what’s happening around you (and that’s normal), That’s what transparency mode is for, easy to activate via a button under the headphones. This is also used to select his music.

High-quality sound amplitude for the AirPods Pro at a bargain price

In order to offer the best possible sound, Apple has developed an entire technology for itself : an exclusive low-distortion speaker for powerful bass, while a tiny microphone picks up ambient noise to adjust the low and mid frequencies of your music. A small built-in amplifier provides background noise rejection and wide dynamic range. Apple’s H1 chip is also involvedwhich gives the user very good control over the object and also allows using Siri without any problems.

Autonomy levels, Apple announces no less 24 hour battery lifeespecially thanks to the MagSafe charging box that charges the headphones: after After just 5 minutes of charging, they can provide an hour of sound ! Expect 4.5 hours of battery life on a full charge.

In short, it’s a bit like the Rolls-Royce of wireless headphones: don’t forget AirPods Pro are under €240 at Darty for a limited time.

Buy the AirPods Pro for €239 at Darty

The unmissable AirPods Pro promo is here, take advantage of it The unmissable AirPods Pro promo is here, take advantage of it

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