LoL: The worst Riot designed ability that never made it into League of Legends

The development stages of new League of Legends champions are some of the most interesting. In tests for creating a skill set, Riot Games experiments with many alternatives and almost nothing is forbidden. Thus, during the story we could discover very funny spells that had to be canceled because they risked destroying the game, but that’s not the only problem. There are times when developers underperform and create real anomalies that would cause us to uninstall the game immediately.

Worst ability ever created

Bard isn’t the most popular champion in the game, but he is one of the community’s most popular. Considered one of the most difficult supports to play due to his spell potential and ultimately a unique trait: He can apply Zhonya’s Hourglass Stasis effect to any element of Summoner’s Rift. It can hit towers, allies, enemies, and even neutral targets R – Hardened Destiny. However, the original version of his ultimate was to be much worse. Not only was it far more tedious to use, but its design was an absolute disaster, leaving players frustrated.


Riot Games internal testing

Ultimate : A global ability that causes a wave across the entire map, silencing enemies hit for an indefinite time.

Aside from being a non-interactive design, this ability gave us a fresh dose of the game’s most hated control effect. Abilities to silence enemies have become increasingly rare over the years, and many players are very grateful for it. In fact, all champions with the ability to apply this effect were released within the first two years. Since then, Riot Games has only honored this ability in a few revisions (Fiddlesticks, Soraka, and Malzahar).

This ability was removed after the League of Legends test team provided feedback to the developer. In addition to this version of Bard, Ekko was tested. The champion had one of the worst abilities in the game at the time, namely rewinding time by eight seconds, which reversed all character states and ability cooldowns (except for kills). Luckily, the two had changed their ultimate and became two popular champions..

The arrival of Bel’Veth confirms a theory that was born in the League of Legends community nearly 10 years ago. According to this theory, Riot Games had shown us a glimpse of a new champion in different skins. Hardly anyone believed it anymore, but it turned out to be true.

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