League of Legends – Bel’Veth or the Art of Riot Teasing

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Finally, the veil is lifted on the next League of Legends champion. Bel’Veth emerges from the shadows, an oddly familiar figure; and with good reason… This champion’s teasing started almost 10 years ago. Geeknplay dives back into the past of Riot Games’ famous MOBA for you to decipher everything.

The genesis of a theory

September 2013on the occasion of the release of the skin Battlecast from Victor, smartasses first pay attention to the callback animation. During these we actually see silhouettes that are impressive to say the least. Additionally, on the lore page, the skin presents Viktor as the creator of an army of smart machines. Players quickly connect the first silhouette with that of Battlecast Prime Cho’GathHer skin was released a year earlier. A theory then blossoms among Summoner’s Rift’s most relentless sleuths. What if every silhouette rendered in the callback animation of Battlecast Victor denotes a future skin from the same set? Instead, look around.

League of Legends

Quickly, with the release of skins Battlecast to the Kog’maw and skarner Confirmation takes place in the following year. The champions shown in this animation are all from the Void as well. At this point, however, two silhouettes remain to be determined. Afterward, Vel’Koz comes equipped with his skin Battlecast making it match one of the two silhouettes. The finest observers then believe they see the still unknown silhouette in this skin, just above the position Victor, through the fog. So, according to the clues, we’re dealing with a flying creature. So two opposing theories: Either it’s a skin by Anivaor it is clearly a new world champion.

Let’s jump forward to land 2017year in which Urgot gets its long-awaited makeover. On this occasion his skin Battlecast Redesigned also sports the famous silhouette confirming this endless teaser. For those having trouble finding the Winged Champion’s trail, this one is right under the cannon fire d’Urgoton his skin.

A masterful teaser

Finally clean beginning of 2022, revolt announces the future release of a jungler Empty. The pieces of the puzzle fit together like an epiphany and now a leak puts an end to the assumptions. make room for Bel’Veth, future terror pacing in the jungle of the warp, whose silhouette corresponds in every respect to those previously presented. We can therefore safely declare that this is a ten-year teaser. And while we’ve been annoyed at times by the developers’ silence in response to player questions for almost 10 years, we have to acknowledge that Riot games played his shot well. Bel’Veth should therefore be landing soon with his Battlecast skin, which we’ll be sure to comb through.

It’s finally time to leave you with the video shared by the YouTuber Ryscu.

Despite the lack of information available to date, you’re hyped for the arrival of Bel’Veth in League of Legends ? Tell us in the comments!

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