Johnny Depp, headlining his defamation lawsuit

Sometimes pejorative, incoherent, but also poetic, Johnny Depp took on a role he knows well this week in the defamation lawsuit he’s bringing against his ex-wife Amber Heard: that of star.

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For three days, the actor tried as a witness to convince the jury that the domestic violence allegations against him were false and, more importantly, had cost him his career.

Lawyers for the 36-year-old actress have drowned Johnny Depp, 58, over questions about his history of drug and alcohol abuse in a bid to undermine his credibility. Sequences airing live on American news networks love the details revealed.

The “Pirate of the Caribbean” remained calm during this cross-examination, but had a few outbursts of anger.

Urged by Ben Rottenborn, his ex-wife’s attorney, to answer a simple question with “yes or no,” Johnny Depp replied that “nothing was simple on this file.”

The Hollywood star quickly became acquainted with the constantly cutting-out gun swapping between attorneys, and his proxies accused the defense of relying solely on rumours.

“I think it’s hearsay,” Johnny Depp commented on his own statements, drawing laughter in the courtroom, which was attended by a number of the actor’s admirers.


With silver rings on his fingers, Johnny Depp appeared in court in Fairfax, near the American capital, with his hair tied in a ponytail and revealing his earrings.

He opted for three-piece suits throughout the day, arriving in an all-black ensemble on Thursday.

Amber Heard, who starred in the major Hollywood productions Justice League and Aquaman, chose pant suits and styled her long blonde hair differently every day.

She remained mostly impassive as she listened to Johnny Depp testify, whispered in his lawyers’ ear and took notes.

But she appeared emotional during the screening of a video she filmed unbeknownst to her then-husband, in which we see her slamming cupboard doors violently before pouring herself a tall glass of wine.

The Texas-born actress also appeared upset when her lawyers released an audio recording asking Johnny Depp not to cut himself with a knife.

Amber Heard’s lawyers have claimed that he can become a physically and sexually violent “monster” when drunk or under the influence of drugs.

They therefore questioned him extensively about his consumption of illegal substances.

On his outings with controversial rock star Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp responded that they “drank together” and “maybe took cocaine two or three times together.”

In a message to another of his friends, he said he was about to get on a plane after “not eating for days, had half a bottle of whiskey, two champagnes, 1,000 cocktails of vodka-Red Bull and taking pills.” .

Text message with violent tone

Those hours of listening unearthed more details about celebrity lives than it took to fill a People magazine.

Johnny Depp admitted to the jury that he suspected actor James Franco of having an affair with his wife.

He also shared how jealous Amber Heard was of the “Winona Forever” tattoo he had done on his right arm, a reminder of his relationship with actress Winona Ryder.

To appease that jealousy, Johnny Depp had the last two letters of his first name deleted and turned his one-time declaration of love into a slang joke, “Wino Forever,” which means “alcoholic forever” in French.

The court was also able to read messages in which Johnny Depp called Amber Heard a “filthy whore” and Vanessa Paradis, mother of his two children, a “French blackmailer”.

The toxic relationship between these stars, who have been married for two years, has been brought to light as the trial focuses on allegations of violence the actors have accused each other of.

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation, demanding $50 million from her, according to a column she published in the Washington Post in 2018.

In this text, she did not name him, but mentioned the allegations of domestic violence that she made against her husband in 2016.

Amber Heard responded with a complaint demanding $100 million from his side, assuring that he inflicted “continuous physical and sexual violence” on her.

The trial will continue on Monday.

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