DJ Smith finds Tim Stutzle’s treatment unfair

Tonight in Ottawa, the Canadian will take on the Senators in a non-stakes game for either team. Long eliminated from the playoff race, the two teams are now at the end of the season.

At least the kids on both teams can get some experience and some guys have a chance to show they deserve a spot in the NHL next season.

However, there may be something to watch tonight: the way Brendan Gallagher is received in Ottawa. After all, the last time he faced the senators, he claimed that young Tim Stutzle was a bit fake at the edges and that it annoyed him a bit.

DJ Smith, head coach of senseHe rightly addressed the treatment that has been reserved for the young German since then, which he naturally finds somewhat unfair.

Unfair remarks were made about him jumping or getting penalties so now the boys are chasing him and no penalties are being given which is unfortunate.

“He’s a very proud young man and he’s had to miss games because of these injuries. He hasn’t trained [jeudi] and I saw him limping trying to get his lunch. – DJ Smith

According to Smith, Gallagher’s (unwarranted) comments about the young forward have basically left him with a target on his back and him being the victim of actions that should be punished but aren’t.

On the merits, however, Gallagher has not denounced this. He never claimed that Stutzle was just faking it hurthe claimed that Stutzle added a little to draw penalties. The nuance is thin, but it’s there.

We’ll see what happens tonight, but I expect Senators players won’t be shy about letting Gallagher know they don’t appreciate his comments. Let’s hope, however, that the two teams can avoid excesses in this whole story.


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