Did you enjoy the District 31 finale?

Pleased with the way Luc Dionne has come full circle district 31 after six years at ICI Radio-Canada Télé? You are in good company. After an appeal to everyone, it is clear that last Thursday’s broadcast was almost unanimous. Here you will find a selection of reader comments.

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“Luc Dionne made it in the final district 31 in an exemplary way. Every minute was full of emotions. My favorite moment was when the commander let go of the moose, especially when you know he killed Phaneuf in cold blood! I liked when he admitted to Mélissa Corbeil that she was right. Mr. Dionne really walked around the characters and I particularly enjoyed seeing them in the future. I’ve never missed a show. I recorded every episode. It had become an addiction (I almost started a DA movement, District Anonymous!). That’s the only reason I’m glad it’s over: I’m getting my freedom back! »

Yolande Lapointe

“Brilliant of Luc Dionne in ending the life of District 31 itself at the same time as the show. The goodbyes and the teary eyes played dual roles in these two coordinated endings. This degree also allowed us to see many of our favorite actors one last time. Suggestion: create a quiz show about the series (similar to the show All for one back then in the adventures of Tintin). I’m sure many loyal 31 followers would rise to the challenge of answering the questions. The winners could be given an item (derivative) of the show: for example, a coffee mug with the SPGM crest. Just recognizing which actors played which roles over those six years would be a miracle. The proposal is launched! Chick! »

Richard Genest

“Without a doubt, an exceptional series that I have followed with great pleasure year after year. Let’s not forget that this series continued during confinement and in my case was fun to say, but it added to my balance because I could faithfully find her every night. Thank you to the artists for bringing us so much entertainment and fun! »

Lucie Allaire

“This last episode lived up to my expectations! Emotions without tears, loops curled with refinement, a dramatic blow: the revenge of Poupou’s son, the well-measured sadness of the characters who leave each other, the play of all the actors and actresses who have captivated us for six years. And what about the “a few years later” epilogue! Brilliant and soothing! Thanks to Luc Dionne and his knitting of intrigues that kept us on our toes the whole time! Thanks to the technicians who brought everything to life! »

Louise Cunningham

“Oh yes, that district 31 has been the best pastime of our retirement so far. At 80, we had a lot of time right from the start to “hang out” at 7 p.m. in front of the television. Never disappointed with the script, the talent of the actors! On the other hand ! We would have wished so much, my more than darling and I, that it would continue like this for the next half hour. But no ! We stuck to our appetites and sometimes tried to anticipate the course of the next day. At our age we had time! Kudos to all who filled those 21 minutes, thanks to author Luc Dionne, whose name will live on with us […] and of course to the invisible team behind the cameras who, with their professionalism, made it possible to achieve everything brilliantly! »

Angele and Gilles Brouillette

“I would have left out Labelle’s murder. Little hope for youth. Do yourself justice. Luc Dionne wanted to end dramatically. But there won’t be a sequel… Thanks anyway. This show bonded with my spouse who doesn’t usually watch series. »

Claire M

“Radio-Canada could have produced an hour-long special, but no: a short finale full of joy and beautiful emotions. After heart surgery, tied to my sofa when I was barely moving, I started watching the series. My heart didn’t let go after that and I fell in love with the series. Thank you to the entire team, writer, actors, actresses, production artists, researchers and all the other water bearers in the shadows I don’t want to forget. It was a pleasure for my girlfriend and I to follow you daily. »

Rejean Dubois

” Yes. As a civilian who spent 17 years in the Post 45 investigative office, I was disturbed by the realism I experienced watching some episodes of the series. I did not miss the last one and I join all Quebecers if I tell you that this series was a real one. »

Mario Simard

“Not quite what I expected. A little too tearful. After all these murders, intrigues, kidnappings, betrayals, prisons, mad chases, scenes of prostitution, there was a little too much good feeling. And, and… Above all, I don’t understand how Poupou’s son could find out where Labelle was and how a pack of police officers who were attentive and experienced on the spot could not prevent this fatal gesture that put him on the right track put in prison for life… He had already paid enough for the loss of his father. I stick to my hunger. »

Hugotte Corbo

“I came up with several ‘acceptable’ conclusions… He was better than I imagined. Action to the end with no exaggerated screams or tears, smiles, winks, complicity between the characters. Clever mix of action and sentimentality in a text that respects established rules, without haughty tricks or vulgar disparagements. I think that’s the author’s talent. Rest well, Mr. Dionne, and join us with this immense talent that cannot be denied! »

Louis Menard

“You can’t have any expectations with Luc Dionne. Each time, it surpasses our imagination and bypasses the scenarios we imagine. […] The commandant’s confessions were palatable, especially from Mélissa Corbeil. What a character this commander has become, a role model, a source of inspiration for managers. The team spirit that reigned within these walls is a lesson for all work groups. The baggage of memories we hold from this series will help us overcome this sadness. Plus, we’re reassured to know that all of our beloved characters are happy in their new lives. »

Lucie Turmel

” Nope. Maybe my expectations were very high, but I felt that the dialogue between Mélissa Corbeil and Daniel Chiasson didn’t make any sense. It was super silly. Some situations in that final didn’t make any sense either. It can’t be that François Labelle popping up at his henchman’s hideout as often as if there was only one biker in town. And also the fact that Stéphane’s son kills François Labelle at the very moment of his arrest. To me, this whole series of events and the resulting sloppy sequence show, that Luc Dionne was out of control and that he did well to stop writing this series In fact it seems I’m recovering from the loss faster Circle because he ruined my end. Only one thing finds grace in my eyes, it is the leap in time. I would have taken more. »

Joanna Marceau

“Yes, a great finale without too many tears! We must say to Luc Dionne that he saved the sanity of all Quebecers by continuing to write while incarcerated! The 30 minutes a day in front of our screens got us out of the pandemic without even a hint. Me and my healthcare colleagues had to hear and see something other than the pandemic and discuss it the next day between two screening tests performed or two vaccines administered! Have a good rest Luc Dionne, you deserve it. »

France Brousseau

“You want to know if the ultimate episode lived up to my expectations. Honestly, I was just trying not to have one. The best way not to be disappointed. On the other hand, I can say that this episode closed the series well. In fact, Luc Dionne gave me a lot of joy by ending the saga of the confrontation between François Labelle and our beloved Daniel Chiasson. He also had one last blow in store for us with the death of Labelle. I have to say I didn’t see it coming, that shot, although I expected it. Finally, all the ingredients that made this series a success were there: emotion, intrigue and twists. I look forward to the next series from Luc Dionne. I wish him lots of fun on the golf courses this summer. »

Odette Royer

“The finish was surprisingly sweet. The beautiful song at the end [Au temps qui ne revient plus, interprétée par Roxane Filion] was immediately on mine playlist (Thanks Shazam!). I think in September the biggest shock will come: then the lack will be even more intense when we really realize that our essential things are no longer there! Thank you for these years full of emotions and entertainment, the trip was exceptional. »

Josee Coulombe

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