Young Océane Boyer was still breathing when she was abandoned by her killer

The testimony of the ambulance technician who was called to intervene with his teammate after the discovery of the body of Océane Boyer along a Brownsburg-Chatham road is chilling.

On the morning of February 26, 2020, he was the first to approach the body of the teenager who had been abandoned in the snow. Face swollen, she clung to life. She was still breathing, although a wound to her head exposed brain matter.

The paramedic’s report is clear: All traces of violence were centered on the victim’s skull.

ans de métier. […] J’ai deux filles, je ne peux pas oublier ça. Une agression j’en ai vu plusieurs, mais… Mais de cette violence-là, laisser [la victime] de cette façon-là, j’en ai vu plusieurs, mais ils n’étaient pas laissés sur le bord du chemin”,”text”:”Je ne peux pas oublier ça, malgré mes 42ans de métier. […] J’ai deux filles, je ne peux pas oublier ça. Une agression j’en ai vu plusieurs, mais… Mais de cette violence-là, laisser [la victime] de cette façon-là, j’en ai vu plusieurs, mais ils n’étaient pas laissés sur le bord du chemin”}}”>I can’t forget that despite my 42 years in the business. […] I have two daughters, I can’t forget that. Attacks, I’ve seen several, but… but this violence… Let [les corps des victimes] I saw several of them that way, but they didn’t fall by the waysidesaid Mario Beaudin, still shaken by the murder.

It stuck in my head. This intervention touched me the most. »

A quote from Mario Beaudin, the ambulance technician who transported Océane Boyer to the hospital

François Sénécal was charged with first-degree murder (archive).

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François Sénécal is suspected of kidnapping his victim on the way to her secondary school. He is said to have forced her to drink and do drugs before beating her to death with a blunt object.

He would then have gone to a car wash to try and cover up the evidence of his crime. The scene was reportedly captured by a surveillance camera.

A few hours later, a resident of the Brownsburg-Chatham area who found the bleeding body called 911 for help.

It’s not me, I’m not coming back

According to the defendant’s former wife, Marie-Anne Latreille, who also came as a witness at the preliminary investigation, François Sénécal feigned surprise when he found out about the teenager’s disappearance.

The couple were at the restaurant that evening when the teenager’s mother called to say Océane had not been to school that day.

Oh come on?!… would have started François Sénécal on the phone when he heard the news.

They would then have interrupted their meal to quickly return to the house. François Sénécal behaved normally.

The next day he left his wife a note on the fridge: It’s not me, I’m not coming back.

Her arrest by the Sûreté du Québec was the beginning of a nightmare for the lady, who was swept away by a whirlwind of hate.

She said she had received countless death threats from strangers: Sénécal, the man she thought she knew after 14 years together, was officially accused of the premeditated murder of young Océane Boyer.

One of the last conversations she had with Sénécal was on the phone while he was in preventive detention. She would have asked him to tell her the truth. According to Ms. Latreille, her ex-husband responded as follows: I feel a little calmer with myself for asking Océane for forgiveness.

Intimate relationship with 13-year-old victim

According to François Sénécal’s ex-spouse, Océane Boyer was like their couple’s granddaughter.

According to him, Sénécal was very close to the Boyer family. He had known the teenager since birth.

Over time, he’d gotten into the habit of paying her for things. Marie-Anne Latreille gave the example of back-to-school clothes and other gifts. In short, he spoiled her.

He always protected hershe told the court. mononcle François”.”,”text”:”Océane l’appelait \”mononcle François\”.”}}”>Oceane called her”my uncle Francis”.

During the summer of 2019, Océane often went swimming in François and Marie-Anne’s above-ground pool.

After Sénécal’s appearance on February 28, 2020, the investigator of the Surete du Quebec Marie-Lyne Poulin met Océane’s parents.

Caroline Sarrasin, the victim’s mother, spontaneously mentioned that it was her deliberately there François had slept in the swimming pool with Océane. The investigator was surprised. The investigation had not revealed any intimate relationship prior to this statement.

According to information obtained by Radio-Canada in March 2020, François Sénécal had an inappropriate relationship with the girl in the months leading up to the murder.

Shortly before her death, Océane Boyer had tried to see a psychologist, which would have worried François Sénécal, since these professionals are obliged to report cases where a teenager may be at risk to the youth welfare office.

sorry and tears

In the courthouse, François Sénécal apologized for the teenager’s murder.

I wish nobody was here; I am sorryhe tearfully explained before adding: If I could resign, I would, but I can’t.

I’ll blame myself for the rest of my life…my apology won’t fix anythingthe man continued. But I’ll apologize in a moment, I’m sorry.

The killer added that he was sorry too to have hurt everyoneor to my family and the family of Océanehe has it destroyed life.

I ask forgiveness, but I don’t know how; It’s unforgivable what I’ve donehe said again in court.

With information from Geneviève Garon

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