Guy Lafleur ‘could have been elected Mayor of Quebec’!

(Quebec) “Quebec marked Guy Lafleur and Guy Lafleur marked Quebec,” Mayor Bruno Marchand nicely summed up on Friday.

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Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland
The press

In fact, when the legendary ice hockey player had his prime in Montreal, in the capital he became a star, a recognized player, even “admired”, who found a second mother, friends and a new home in the Limoilou district.

“People only talked about Guy Lafleur in Quebec. He could have been elected mayor of the city! says his former trio partner at Remparts Michel Brière.

Guy Lafleur competed in the Quebec Pee-Wee tournament that had just been born three years in a row. During these three years, the Lafleur team won the tournament in its category. On February 6, 1964, The press publishes an article entitled: “Seven goals scored by Guy Lafleur”.

The young prodigy from Outaouais quickly made a name for himself in the capital. “Before the Quebec Pee-Wee tournament, Lafleur was a good hockey player for Thurso. There he arrives at a big tournament, he thrills the crowds, there are 10,000 people in the Colosseum,” says Marc Durand, author of the book Guy Lafleur – The Birth of an Idol.


Young Guy Lafleur wowed the gallery at the 1962 Quebec Pee-Wee tournament.

The forward agrees to come to Quebec and play his junior hockey, first for the Aces then the Remparts. André Savard remembers his arrival in Quebec in 1969. He comes from Amos and is surprised to see the enthusiasm around his trio partner.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize he was a great hockey player! he says.

The spectators notice that too: The games regularly attract 10,000 people to the Colosseum.


Guy Lafleur wore number 4 when he played for the Quebec Remparts.

Savard was marked by one event during the 1969-1970 season. In two remaining games, Lafleur had 94 goals to his tally. The media wondered if the young prodigy would surpass the 100 goal mark.

The last game was away. Guy really wanted to reach 100 goals at the Coliseum. So he had a game to get there. And he did. He scored six goals in one Game. I will never forget this game. For me, that’s Guy. everything is here

André Savard, Guy Lafleur’s line partner at the Remparts

Then the following year, in their second year of existence, the Remparts won the prestigious Memorial Cup. The “Legend Lafleur” reached its peak in the capital.

Filet Mignon and an “Adoptive Mother”

Guy Lafleur’s favorite place in Quebec is the Limoilou neighborhood. Almost all Remparts players live in this sector, including both of its line partners.

“We have all been to Limoilou. We didn’t have cars, we walked to training,” André Savard recalls.

The players had a restaurant, Le Cendrillon, on March 3and Avenue (an establishment that no longer exists, although a namesake has since opened on the same street). “We had less money, we didn’t eat steaks,” notes Savard.

But Guy Lafleur had become something of a Cinderella ambassador by the time he was 18 and 19. He ate for free. “He had a 100 free meal card and he could invite people. When he was done with that, he got another one as a gift,” remembers Michel Brière.

“Guy, we made him a sliced ​​filet mignon, he was the only customer who had that,” says former Cendrillon co-owner Jean-Guy Doyon, who often lent Lafleur his Mustang for a walk in Quebec.


Eva Baribeau with Guy Lafleur

A few minutes walk away was the player’s landlady. Eva Baribeau lived on Boulevard Benoît-XV.

She was his second mother, as he called her. She died today, but for years he used to visit her whenever he was in Quebec.

Marc Durand, author of the book Guy Lafleur – The Birth of an Idol

Even after being drafted by the Canadians in 1971, Lafleur continued to visit Quebec. “It was back and forth for two years, going to the Canadian’s practices in Montreal and returning to Quebec to Mme Baribeau,” recalls Marc Durand.

Of course there was the Nordic years, two seasons from 1989 to 1991. But the team was “terrible” and it was all about “coming full circle”, notes Durand.


Guy Lafleur and his wife Lise on October 28 during a tribute by the Remparts at the Videotron Center

His successes in Quebec took place from 1966 to 1971, distant years that marked the capital and certainly the main prospect. Lafleur’s last public appearance was in Quebec City last October. Although very ill, he had accepted the invitation of the Remparts and the QMJHL, who wished to honor him.

Mayor Bruno Marchand said Friday Quebec will find a way to pay tribute to his adopted son. “What place is best named in his honor?” We have to find her, talk to the family, but we will find her. »

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