Daedalic Entertainment: The studio celebrates its 15th anniversary with three new releases and several title updates!

Daedal entertainmentGermany’s most decorated studio and publishing house celebrates its 15th birthdayth Anniversary this week with a slew of new releases, pre-order launches and updates to some of our most popular games. The icing on the cake for this anniversary: ​​promotions on Steam and the Nintendo Store, from April 21 at 7 p.m. to April 25 at 7 p.m All studio titles are discounted up to 90%.

Check out the trailer below:

Daedalic celebrates his birthday the release of three new games on Steam : Godlike Burgerthe crazy and bloody restaurant management sim, VELONEthe meditative automation and programming game, as well as the pixelated strategy game version 1.0 warpips.

In Godlike Burgeryou play as a chef who travels into space, constantly searching for the best ingredients for his delicious hamburgers… the ingredients are his own customers. The player must lure them into his ingenious traps, upgrade his restaurant and avoid arrest by the space police.

Yes Godlike Burger allows players to channel the culinary madness within them, VELONE challenges their logical thinking and creativity, all in a relaxed atmosphere. In this automated puzzle game, the player must restore the energy of the completely deserted planet Velone by developing complex mechanisms.

It is without forgetting warpipsthe popular strategy game, quick to learn but very complex, which finally gets its 1.0 update after a successful Early Access phase. Between the launch of Early Access and the full launch, the game received many new features: additional maps, modes, new units, etc. And with the full version, players can also use the helicopters!

In addition to these new games popular titles barotrauma, Spin to the target and HiddenDeep Get important content updates today. The settlements of barotrauma, the sci-fi underwater survival game, have been remastered to be bigger, more efficient, and more realistic. Each crew member also has their own wallet for making purchases in the settlements. The cooperative racing game Spin to the target meanwhile received a new level as well as numerous quality of life improvements. 1980s Horror Game, HiddenDeepfeatures a hideous new creature, two new levels, new music and more.

Finally, the Bullet Hell shooter and its additional cat content, Wildcat Gun Machine (available from May 4th)is Available for pre-order now on PC and Switch.

Check out the launch trailer below:

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