Column by Jean-Paul Chartrand: And the new champion is… Dillian Whyte!

It seems to me that victory cry sounds wrong. I tried everything to convince myself that Dillian Whyte had a chance to defeat Tyson Fury and become the next WBC heavyweight champion of the world, but it just didn’t work.

It would be terrible if he were to win, refusing to take part in the promotion of his gala and having only fought once a year since 2019.

Anything is possible in the world of boxing. In addition, no fewer than 94,000 people will attend Saturday night’s clash in London. Certainly there are some who believe Whyte has a chance. Fury is a 7-to-1 favorite to win.

Whyte has now been inactive for thirteen months. He has already been put on the mat by Alexander Povetkin, Oscar Rivas, Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker.

Can his chin withstand Fury’s attacks?

After all, the British giant has already laid 22 of its 31 victims. That’s 68.75% knockout efficiency.

I can’t imagine Whyte putting Fury down. Perhaps I’m over-relying on his performance against Oscar Rivas, where he found himself on the mat in his ninth engagement.

Whyte has only had one KO win since 2018. His victim was Alexander Povetkin, a 40-year-old boxer who was at the end of his rope. In addition, the Russian decided to give up boxing after this setback.

Another thing to remember is Whyte hasn’t fought in thirteen months, compared to six for the Gypsy King.

I’ve always believed that Whyte thought he was a better boxer than he really was. For example, he had to settle for a decisive victory against Mariusz Wach.

Our adopted Quebecer Arslanbek Makhmudov laid down the same guard in six rounds.

I have to admit that Whyte is still a pretty good boxer. Not as good as he thinks, but a relatively good boxer.

I would have loved to see him against opponents the size of Deontay Wilder, Andy Ruiz, Luis Ortiz and even Arslanbek Makhmudov.

Soon you’ll have to be rich to watch these famous fights on pay tv. Last week it cost $75.81 to see Errol Spence demolish Yordenis Ugas. This Saturday you have to pay another $88.33 to see the match between Fury and Whyte. That’s a total of $164.14 over two weeks. You almost have to be rich to keep up with this pace.

At this rate, there isn’t a boxing fan who can spend that much money week after week.

Father Bob Arum still assumes that around 300,000 people will buy the gala in the USA and that the magic number in Europe will be over one million viewers.

Speaking of father Arum, he will be out of the game and unable to personally cheer for his protégé, Tyson Fury. He is slowly but surely recovering from Covid-19 and would rather stay at home to recover than take a long trip to the UK. At 90 there is no longer any risk.

Finally, Fury claims it’s his swan song, but I doubt he’s keeping his word. With wallets of $30, $40, or $50 million, it’s hard to sip a dry martini at home in the middle of the afternoon.

Prognosis: Fury by KO before 10and round

Fast fast fast

Errol Spence has shown that his inactivity over the past 16 months hasn’t bothered him much. Now that he has eclipsed Yordenis Ugas, he plans to face Terence Crawford. And you know what? I believe Spence is capable of defeating Crawford. We’ll talk about it.

Happy retirement Yuriorkis

Yuriorkis Gamboa was martyred in a duel with Isaac Cruz. A broken orbital bone and possibly broken ribs.

Four times he found himself on the mat. Like a true champion, he stood up every time. But it was obvious that he was no match for his executioner.

He’s lucky not to have gotten away with a really serious injury, but at 40 it’s time for him to persevere. Nothing remains of the 2004 Olympic champion or welterweight world champion.

It’s hard for me to understand why Gamboa’s second didn’t throw in the towel, nor did referee Mark Calo-Oy, who was a spectator for four rounds as Gamboa visited the mat each round.

The best and the worst

Right now, two other good boxers are fighting for the title of the best heavyweight in the world. This is Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury. But who do you think was one of the worst champions of all time? If it’s not Bermane Stiverne, it’s Charles Martin. Stiverne was champion for 8 months but Martin reigned only 3 months.

Who is the best ?

If I were Ryan Garcia’s manager, I wouldn’t put him against Isaac Cruz. At least not yet. Garcia is a good boxer but Cruz is a monster in the ring. Garcia is only 23 years old. He has all the time ahead of him.

Erotic or unpredictable?

The host of the boxing gala between Connor Benn and Chris Van DerHeerden in England almost burst out laughing after a speech error by ex-champion Carl Froch. He pointed out that Campbell Hatton’s performance against Ezekiel Gregores was erotic rather than erratic.

bad difference. Froch was a better boxer than a linguist.

Now Kell Brook

After easily outperforming Chris Van Heerden in two rounds, Connor Benn is looking to take on veteran Kell Brook at welterweight. The veteran’s competition doesn’t fare better than Van Heerden’s talent. On the other hand, promoter Eddie Hearn has already offered him two contracts to take on enfant terrible Adrien Broner. It’s Broner who doesn’t answer the call.

Get well soon Kim

If Kim Clavel had to withdraw from her league match against Yenesia Gomez, it is because she is very ill with Covid-19. I wish her a speedy recovery and a resumption of her career next July and possibly crowning herself with the WBC crown

It pays to be a judge

Quebec boxing judge Benoit Roussel is recognized on the world stage and he is also one of the most expensive. Each fight earns him $1,500. In the bigger games, especially on pay TV, the total can go up to $25,000.

A gun in the face

Admittedly, Amir Khan is unlucky. In 2018, he had to contend with thieves trying to steal his $150,000 Range Rover car.

He was out with his wife in London this week when two bandits rushed him and pointed a gun in his face. Not daring to take revenge, this poor Khan presented them with his $72,000 watch. But if his wife hadn’t been there… I’m not sure of her answer…

Mayweather would like to sign Crawford

Everyone knows that Floyd Mayweather is a longtime friend of Terrence Crawford. The latter is about to end his contract with Top Rank and Mayweather would like to become his promoter.

The day Crawford takes on Errol Spence, he’s getting the highest total of his career and according to Mayweather, if he’s with him, most of his wallet will go to him and not to another promoter’s relatives.

No franchise title

Devin Haney has vowed not to take on the title of franchise champion if he ever manages to defeat four-time defending champion George Kambosos on June 4 in Australia.

Can’t blame Haney. This franchise title makes almost no sense and has no value for true boxing fans. Furthermore, it is not at stake unless the holder makes the offer.

A challenge for Canelo

After learning that Canelo Alvarez was already considering a foray into light heavyweight, Oleksandr Usyk has just challenged the Mexican darling.

I think Canelo could have beaten Ilunga Makabu at 200lbs but he would never beat Usyk.

good boxing

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