the FAF in the dark

Will the game between Algeria and Cameroon be repeated? The Algerians have been suspended from FIFA’s ruling since the announcement of the Algerian Football Federation’s decision on Thursday 31 March to appeal the arbitration of this match.

The governing body of world football was due to examine Algeria’s file yesterday, Thursday April 21, but nothing fell on FIFA’s decision on Algeria’s appeal.

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Questioned by news channel ALG24 on Thursday, the media officer for the Algerian Football Federation, Salah-Bey Aboud, stated that he “there is nothing new”. The FAF is groping in the dark.


“FIFA said that this file would be reviewed on April 21, but that didn’t mean it would give its verdict on the same day. No response so far.” he explained.

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He added that there will be “Maybe an answer in the next few days”. Salah-Bey Aboud explained that the FAF had not received any response from FIFA regarding the committee that will examine their appeal or the ruling by world football’s governing body regarding the match between Algeria and Cameroon.

“Maybe in the next few days”

The Algerian national team has been eliminated from the 2022 World Cup after their gruesome defeat in the final moments of the play-off match against Cameroon (1-2) on March 29 at the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium in Blida. After winning the first leg, the national team lost 2-1 on their pitch. Two days after that defeat, the Algerian Football Federation announced that it had appealed to FIFA against the referee of the match between Algeria and Cameroon, Bakary Gassama.

The latter made controversial decisions at this meeting and is now suspected of corruption, even though his involvement in a transaction with the Cameroonians has not yet been concretely proven.

However, some indications suggest that the game between Algeria and Cameroon will not be repeated. Firstly, because Algeria’s file was submitted to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee before the FAF requested that it be examined by the Disputes Committee.

The Federal Association of Algerian Football has not received any reply from Zurich to this last request. The second unfavorable sign for the national team, according to the specialized website, is FIFA’s decision to cancel the packs bought by Algerian fans to watch Algeria’s matches at the World Cup in Qatar.

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