Nvidia launches In the NVIDIA Studio, weekly content for creatives

Nvidia announces the start of the weekly series “In the NVIDIA Studio” on its blog. Whose goal? Empower creative users to make even better use of the tools and technologies gathered under the Nvidia Studio umbrella.

Nvidia launches a weekly series to be aired on its studio blog to support and inspire creative users // Source: Nvidia

“In the NVIDIA Studio” is the name of a new publication published weekly on the Nvidia Studio Blog, the first “issue” of which is available at this address. This concept of “weekly series celebrating these artists, their work and innovative techniques“, explains Nvidia, allows the brand to have a new vector to give developers tips and advice, but also to give them a more comprehensive view of what is possible with the tools and technologies grouped under the Nvidia Studio brand.

vsHere we share the latest information and benefits of the Studio ecosystem: exclusive updates for NVIDIA Omniverse, Canvas, and Broadcast apps; new tools and integrations with popular creative software, including AI-powered features that handle everyday tasks while freeing up bandwidth; and announcements of interesting products‘, explains Nvidia in its press release.

Leading, informing and inspiring creative people

The first issue of this new series is dedicated to the works of the 3D artistJasmin Habezai-Fekri, whose dreamlike creations are made with three main software tools: the Unreal Engine (which can take advantage of the DLSS technology and its scaling by AI), the indestructible Blender, but also Stuff 3D. As Nvidia points out, the developer uses a configuration focused on a GeForce RTX 2070 to allow her projects to take shape.

Nvidia launches In the NVIDIA Studio, weekly content for creatives
Source: NVIDIA

The launch of “In the NVIDIA Studio” also aims to draw a little more attention from advanced users to focus on Nvidia’s solutions. In this way, Nvidia also wants to establish itself as a major player in the digital content creation market. It has to be said that it is its dominance in the industry with its RTX graphics cards Laptop and its Nvidia Studio drivers (which allow tight compatibility with major creation tools), the Californian giant has gained a significant edge over its rivals.

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