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Originally announced in 2018 for a 2019 release, which was later pushed back several times, we finally have an accurate and definitive release date for the strategy RPG. Digimon to survive At Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox A and computer. It depends 29th of July is coming to the west (July 28th in Japan on Switch and PS4 for 7,678 yen) and the announcement was accompanied by a short video message from the producer. Kazumasa haboo (to produce official Digimon games since Digimon Story: Lost Evolution on the Nintendo DS). He recently made many revelations about the game and its development at the last event Digimon Conand thus confirms the translation French. We touched on this in our previous article, but we’ve included it again in our big summary below.

American version

At the end of our new article you will also find a gallery with many pictures. Note that Digimon Survive is also considered a text-based adventure game in Japan, in addition to being a strategic role-playing game. In addition, the official Japanese site shows the various bonuses. We therefore learn that the first copies of the game contain a download code to obtain the Digimon Gilmon (which can digitize into gallantmon). Depending on the stores where you pre-order the game, various Digimon Survive accessories will be offered in the form of download codes. Here is the last cover:

Since the game was announced, a new team has been taking care of the development. Previously, Digimon Survive was developed in the Japanese studio witchcraft, who previously helped out for Bandai Namco. As revealed by Bandai Namco’s European website, it is now being developed at a different Japanese studio. hydewho recently worked on Rune factory 5. Hyde is very helpful to many companies in the development of their games, including e.g bandai namco. He has also collaborated on many visual otome novels such as Jack Johanna, Olympia eveningthe series Code: Recognize, Nile Admiralari, And much more. Narration is at the heart of Digimon Survive, with a modern interface and animations for the dialogues. We better understand why Hyde was chosen. There is a certain balance between the text-based adventure and the strategic RPG aspect. Dialogue with characters, gathering information, finding clues and objects will occupy an important place. This major change resulted in the game being restructured and therefore being pushed back. Now the producer claims they are nearing the end of development but it will be a long time before we know the release date as adjustments still need to be made internally.

During the combat phases we can use up to 10 units in total. Every Digimon will havehas its own movement skills, offensive techniques and of course several differences in attributes and statistics. That digitalization will have a place in the game and can be done depending on the monsters with SP. You have to be careful because there is an SP meter that you must therefore try to save to use Digivolution only when you are in a critical situation. There will also be a trading system to recruit Digimon during battles.

Habu states that the adventure is divided into 12 chapters. From chapter 8 you have to choose between three different routes: Morale, Harmony and Fury (Yes, it’s kind of reminiscent of a certain other series, and that’s probably on purpose since Digimon Survive’s target audience is mostly adults). there will be one fourth secret road and according to the manufacturer it will last about 40 hours to complete a routeand between 80 and 100 hours to complete all routes and content unlocked after completing the main story. We will find too 113 total monsters in Digimon Survive.

In the text phases, the main characters’ Digimon will be able to digivolve accordingly Karma Points obtained according to the choices made during the dialogues. It will be impossible to get all evolutions in a single game. However, there will be a feature New game +, in which we can transfer all the items carried, the equipment, the levels, the digitations and the monsters obtained, but also select a new level of very difficult difficulty to access full-bodied dungeons. However, they allow you to earn powerful gear in the dungeons that aren’t typically found in the main adventure. Right from the start there will be four levels of difficulty: Hard, Normal, Easy and Very Easy.

We already knew the characters would be dubbed in Japanese, but it will only appear partially in the main story. During the Q&A session at Digimon Con, Habu clarified that there will be no multiplayer functionality, so there will be pure single player game. Among other numerous pieces of information, we learn that there will be some Translations into French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. All questions and answers have been fully transcribed into English on Bandai Namco’s official European website at this address.

For its part, Bandai Namco presented the characters again, but there was no change from the information previously revealed. However, the images of the game that you can see in our gallery and in our articles are no longer to be taken into account to know what the final game will be like. Since then, the main changes have been to the user interface, but the game remains largely the same. As a reminder, Digimon Survive takes us to a whole new world with characters designed by the artist Uichi Ukumo (or uiti-ukumo / ukumouiti, see his tumblr and his account Twitter) and music composed by Tomoki Miyoshi (Soulcalibur V, I am Setsuna, Lost Sphear, Tiny Metal…). To know more about the story, gameplay and characters, we invite you to consult our old articles.

Official description and presentation of the main characters

This is the story of survival in a strange new world.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Anime, Digimon survive presents a brand new adventure set in a mysterious world, with characters drawn by Uichi Ukumo and music composed by the famous Tomoki Miyoshi.

Digimon survive features a new group of teenagers led by Takuma Momozuka. They get lost during a school field trip and find themselves in a strange new world populated by monsters and danger is everywhere.

As they struggle to get home and leave this busy world full of difficult choices and deadly battles, the choices players make throughout the game will affect the evolution of their monster allies and the ending of the story. The fights are in 2D, in a more classic SRPG style.

Takuma Momozuka (voiced by Kohei Amasaki) & agumon (voiced by Chika Sakamoto)

A normal high school student who comes from an equally normal family. One day he and his friends went on a school camping trip. But on this journey, he was swept away by a mysterious force that sent him to another dimension.

Agumon is a reptilian monster that looks like a small dinosaur. He met Takuma in this strange dimension. From now on, it will be Takuma’s actions that will determine Agumon’s development.

aoi Shibuya (voiced by Kaede Hondo) & Labrador (Voiced by Yukiyo Fujii)

Aoi is the class representative. She is naturally calm and serious, but also discreet. She knows how to keep a cool head in difficult situations, and she always had a habit of dealing with her comrades’ often irrational demands. As one of the oldest members of the group, she is responsible for managing the food and camp in this mysterious new world.

Labramon is an animal-like monster that looks like a dog. Unlike Aoi and her natural tact, Labramon never minces her words when speaking to anyone. Finding the right balance between their different personalities makes Aoi and Labramon inseparable throughout this adventure.

Minoru Hyuga (voiced by Atsushi Abe) & Falcon (voiced by Hiromu Miyazaki)

Minoru is an upbeat and playful boy; he can’t help but laugh at everything. He is very good at relaxing the atmosphere within the group. However, his exuberant enthusiasm sometimes gets him into trouble. He doesn’t particularly like conflict. He often reacts jokingly to danger.

Falcon is a bird monster that usually lives in high mountains. He possesses remarkable determination and great strength of character, two essential qualities for enduring Minoru’s clumsiness. However, sometimes he’s even more clumsy than his friend…

Ryo Tomonaga (voiced by Yohei Azakami) & Kunemon (voiced by Ryohei Arai)

A third year high school student who can’t accept that he’s in another world now. He tries to put on a good face but cannot hide his fear of his situation. He is still afraid of his encounter with the monsters.

Kunemon is a caterpillar monster that does not speak human language but is able to understand Ryo’s words and his feelings for him.

Saki Kimishima (voiced by Minami Takahashi) & Floramon (voiced by Shino Shimoji)

Saki is a spontaneous and easygoing high school girl. She never lies to herself, which is why she’s not afraid to speak her mind openly. She is naturally very optimistic, even when she is in danger.

Floramon is a flower-like monster that doesn’t usually beat around the bush. Floramon seems to be an ideal match for Saki.

Shuuji Kayama (voiced by Yuya Hirose) & lopmon (voiced by Naomi Ohzora)

Shuuji Kayama is the oldest member of the group. Regarded in his family as a gifted high school student, he decided to take part in this school trip to take the pressure off his shoulders. He was the leader of the group at summer camp, but he doesn’t remember where he has been since arriving in the other world.

Lopmon is a beastly monster with three horns on its head. It seems that her open and childlike nature as well as her carefree side are not to Shuuji’s liking and worldview.

Miu Shinonome (voiced by Misaki Watada) & Syakmon (voiced by Asami Takano)

She is Kaito’s little sister. This mysterious child lives in the region. She has an unusual personality and is fascinated by the occult and supernatural powers. At first glance, his eccentric demeanor may seem unsettling, especially his penchant for speaking in riddles.

Syakamon is a particularly pragmatic, crustacean-like monster who always uses common sense. Syakamon and Miu became friends very quickly because they both know how to help each other keep their feet on the ground.

Kaito Shinonome (voiced by Kengo Takanashi) & dragon (voiced by Kouta Nemoto)

This local boy is Mius’ big brother. Kaito shows great determination and possesses a strong sense of justice, but he often sees violence as the solution to his problems, especially when it comes to taking care of his little sister.

Dracmon, Kaito’s partner, is an inveterate prankster. Despite his mischievous side, he knows how to mean business when it comes to convincing Kaito not to act rashly and put her in danger.

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