Halo Infinite details the game modes coming in Season 2

During the first season of Halo infinity will end soon, 343 Industries continues to reveal the content that the second will bring. If the game started with very little content, the studio wants to implement new elements. And today we learned more about the next game modes coming to Master Chiefs Free-to-Play.

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King of the Hill (from May 3rd)

A fan favorite mode! As a reminder, this one offers an area that periodically spawns in a random location on the map. Players must take control of it to advance. Completing the capture bar earns that team a point while the hill appears elsewhere on the map. According to 343 Industries, the capture time will be very short and will be paused when an enemy engages. The capture gauge will return to the neutral state if the hill is left unoccupied.

Land Grab (During the Breach: Entrenched about a month after launch)

This mode is similar areas of the BTB. Three zones must be conquered, each of them earns one point for the team that controls it. After each conquest, the area disappears and groups the opponents on the remaining ones. Once the last one has been captured, three new locations will appear on the map. It takes eleven points to win the game.

Last Spartan Standing (from May 3rd)

This new game mode is based on the Season 2 theme: lone wolves. It brings together twelve players, each playing for themselves on a map of Big Team Battle mode. Each of them is allowed to respawn five times before finally losing the game, allowing them to either stay as a spectator or leave the game.

In terms of weapons, everyone will start with the same thing. Each achieved score improves the armament in order to be able to aim even higher. Interacting with the AI ​​that remains on an enemy’s body also earns points, adding an even more strategic side to this game mode: the last man standing wins the match.

New playlists!

To diversify the content, 343 Industries also announces the arrival of many playlists:

  • Rumble Pit (from May 3rd)
  • Team snipers
  • team doubles
  • And others during the season

New variants like that will also arrive ninja hunter, which will include an assassin mode featuring only swords with unlimited energy and a grappling hook. that Vampire Ball suggests changes to Skull Mode: it now kills in one hit and absorbs up to 50% of the opponent’s shield into yours, up to an overshield. that Missile Repulsors will provide absolute mayhem with an infinite ammo rocket launcher and repulsors to defend you.

You can discover some images of these three new game modes in the following video:

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