Family decimated in Beauport: Driver sentenced to 16 years in prison

because the situation does not appear to have improved for decadesa judge has decided to impose one of the harshest penalties ever imposed for fatal disability driving.

Judge Jean-Louis Lemay, responsible for determining Éric Légaré’s sentence, recalled that the Supreme Court had established this type of crime causes the greatest social damage in the country.

It was Judge Cory who pointed this out… in 1994.

28 years after Judge Cory’s heartbreak, inability to drive remains one of the leading causes of criminal death in Canadacomplained Judge Lemay.

He therefore insisted in his 23-page judgment on sending a message to the population and discouraging everyone from behaving as Éric Légaré did on September 2nd.

That day, after spending the afternoon in a bar-restaurant in the Saint-Roch district, he drove under the influence of alcohol.

After driving as dangerously as erratically, he crashed into the rear of James Fletcher’s vehicle, 68, which was waiting at a red light on the Dufferin-Montmorency motorway.

His grandsons Emma Lemieux, 10, and Jackson Fortin, 14, were in the back seat.

Her mother, Shellie Fletcher-Lemieux, 44, was also killed.


Légaré quickly admitted his guilt despite evidence overwhelmingstated the judge.

Many cameras filmed Légaré’s journey, from the bar to the fatal collision. Blood tests showed a rate of 209 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, in addition to the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol in his organism.

During the sentencing hearing, several family members of the victims testified about the painful consequences of the sudden loss of their loved ones.

To attempt to summarize the testimonies and to put into words the immense sorrow of these 17 people would be unfair to the courage they had to surrender whole and fragile despite the pain.noted Judge Lemay.

Prosecutors had asked for a sentence of 18 to 20 years in prison, while the defense had argued that 10 years in prison was appropriate.

The judge quickly dismissed the defense proposal to better reflect the evolving society calling for tougher penalties for drunk driving.

What is disturbing about these types of cases, as we have already pointed out, is that the defendant, like several other individuals charged with the same crime, is from a good family, has a job and is active in society. »

A quote from Jean-Louis Lemay, Judge of the Quebec Court

A little balm

Jackson’s grieving father left the courtroom relieved.

My battle against impaired abilities is beginning to bear fruitcommented Daniel Fortin.

Jackson’s father was surrounded by several relatives to hear the verdict after a sleepless night.

It’s a little balm, a little bandage on the woundhe confided, saying he hopes the defense won’t appeal the verdict.

Éric Légaré’s lawyer quickly rejected this approach.

It would be good for both my client who wants to end this episode and the families of the victims if today was the last day. revealed Me Vincent Montminy.

The prosecutor of Head of Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement for his part, indicated that he would take the time to read the judgment carefully before announcing whether or not it would be challenged on appeal.

no forgiveness

Me Pierre-Alexandre Bernard nonetheless seemed pleased with the decision, which sends a message to society.

This type of crime, which is still too common in our society, will inevitably result in very severe sanctions.He wanted to remind the prosecutor.

Jackson’s father highlighted the work of Mr. Bernard and everyone involved in the case, even greeting the defense attorney as he exited the courtroom.

On the other hand, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to forgive his client’s gesture.

It’s a decision he madehe said of Légaré, who chose to drive despite his condition.

While he expressed regret that seemed sincere, Daniel Fortin, in the judge’s eyes, disagrees.

He got caught. It’s easy to feel remorse when you get caughtconfided Mr. Fortin.

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