Family decimated in Beauport: Driver Éric Légaré sentenced to 16 years in prison

The man who decimated a family while driving at full speed on the Dufferin-Montmorency highway, Éric Légaré, received 16 years in prison, a sentence of unprecedented severity in Quebec.

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At the end of the reading of a decision in which Judge Jean-Louis Lemay recalled the sequence of events that led up to the deaths on September 2, 2021 of Emma Lemieux, 10, her brother Jackson, 14, her mother Shellie Fletcher-Lemieux, 44 , and her grandfather James Fletcher, 68, Éric Légaré was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Eric Legare

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Eric Legare

Jackson’s father, Daniel Fortin, who had a 15-year sentence in mind, said he was “relieved” by the judge’s decision. “It’s still a bit of balm, a little bandage on my wounds, it’s a very strong message for the population,” Mr Fortin reacted heatedly.

This was the crime “with the highest subjective severity in Quebec,” the judge explained his tough decision. This means the 44-year-old man received an exemplary sentence, the most severe ever in Quebec history for this type of thing.

In 2017, repeat driver Yves Martin received a 14-year sentence for the deaths of a couple and their 4-year-old boy. A life sentence was handed down to Roger Walsh in 2009 for killing a Valleyfield woman after 18 repeat drunk offenses.

driving ban

In addition to his 16-year prison sentence, the judge imposed a driving ban on Légaré for a total of 25 years and 15 days, effective today. As of today, he still has 15 years and 15 days to serve due to his preventive detention.

About fifty relatives were present in the courtroom to hear Judge Lemay’s decision. Neither Emma’s father nor Shellie’s partner were present, but Jackson’s father, Daniel Fortin, was present.

The crown had demanded a prison sentence of 18 to 20 years. The defense had asked for 10 years in prison. Légaré’s lawyer has already indicated that there will be no appeal in this case.

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