Telefilm Canada director is leaving her post

After more than four years at the helm of the organization, Christa Dickensen is stepping down as Executive Director and CEO of Telefilm Canada. A decision that is “difficult to make” but encouraged by the “sense of accomplishment”.

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Marissa Groghe

Marissa Groghe
The press

“An incredible and important change has taken place in the last few years,” notes the outgoing director, who will leave her post on September 9. Christa Dickensen made it clear from the start: She was always concerned with serving only one term as head of state. “It’s important to leave space for others and have a good transition,” she says.

After major challenges she feels she has overcome, it’s time to pass the torch and look for new opportunities (which she can’t talk about right now). His motto when he took office in the summer of 2018? ” To update [Téléfilm] She answers. “We have adapted our programs to remove barriers to entry. These are changes that we have made together with the industry after listening to them. »

For example, in the past four years, Telefilm, led by Christa Dickensen, has launched the largest pan-Canadian consultation on the Success Index, as well as the Development Program and Talent to Watch program. Additional funding of 105 million over three years was granted by the government. For meme Dickensen, it was about establishing permanent bases. For example: “We have a third language committee so creators who have projects in a language other than French, English or an Aboriginal language can submit their work. A lot will change for submissions in the future,” she states.

A challenge no one could have foreseen was the pandemic and its devastating impact on the industry. Telefilm now administers the Short-Term Compensation Fund for Canadian Audiovisual Productions and has received additional funding to support the recovery of the arts and culture sector.

“One thing I’m proud of internally is that we’ve achieved gender parity,” said dickensian It’s a great achievement for the whole team. This team continues to praise them. “We have more than 200 experts at Telefilm,” she says.

If she had to give only one piece of advice to her successor, it would be to always “listen” to these experts, but also to the industry. “You have to listen to them and have the will to make changes when needed, like we did with COVID-19 and which ended up making us stronger. »

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