Nadine made a cameo appearance last week on District 31 and the fans are in their moments

It’s the last week for the cult show in Quebec district 31. To mark the occasion, Luc Dionne didn’t fail to wink at first detective Nadine Legrand, and fans of the series reacted wildly!


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With just two episodes left until the show’s grand finale, Nadine Legrand’s brief appearance in a memoir by Patrick Bissonnette has brought back some strong emotions from the show’s fans.

After calling Olivier, Stéphane Pouliot’s son, Patrick went to the cemetery and laid a flower on his former lover’s grave. We were able to see a very powerful memory of the two lovebirds in the restaurant as she declared her love for him. The scene ends where we see Patrick, visibly moved and sad, saying, “I know you’re happy for me, I apologize for not being there…”


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It is impossible to forget the tragic death of the character played by Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, who was the victim of a murder ordered by Christian Phaneuf while pregnant with Detective Sergeant Bissonnette. The drama was never digested by viewers, who still mourn his death years later.

The brief appearance (even in flashback) by Nadine was a moving, touching and emotional moment for fans of the series. Comments on social networks can confirm this.

Here are some comments collected on Twitter:

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Only two more episodes district 31. The grand finale will air this Thursday, April 21st.


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