Metropolis Assault: The Sûreté du Québec must conduct its research

The Sûreté du Québec will have to conduct its investigation to determine what the six threats against Pauline Marois were on the night of the Metropolis attack, a judge has ordered in a civil case against stage technicians who accuse authorities of doing a poor job on it Evening.

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“Of nine witnesses interviewed, none could provide details. Without blaming them, it is surprising that no one was able to enlighten the court,” Judge Philippe Bélanger said today at the Montreal courthouse.

The Quebec Attorney General will therefore have a few days to find out what threats were made against Marois was discovered on the evening of his election victory on September 4, 2012. Then Richard Henry Bain spoiled the party by charging into the back of the Métropolis, shooting technician Denis Blanchette and injuring Dave Courage.

For four stage technicians, the Sûreté du Québec and Montreal police failed in their duty that night by not patrolling this part of the building and are demanding $600,000 in compensation.

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seek truth

However, when several SQ officers said that evening that Pauline Marois had received six threats that day, none could say what they were. All that is known is that “it did not concern Bain,” the two said, and that these threats were “investigated,” although no one seems to know by whom.

These answers did not satisfy the judge, who recalled the importance of seeking the truth. He therefore ordered the Quebec Attorney General to find out what those threats were.

“The plaintiffs claim [aux policiers] misjudging risks. It could be relevant information,” the judge said.

The state will also need to find out who investigated these threats. Finally, it is necessary to indicate who was informed of the existence of these threats.

The parties will return to court next week to update the research conducted by the SQ.

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