Here are 4 weapons sent to Ukraine by the international community

Ukraine will receive heavy weapons, including main battle tanks, from the United States ($800 million) and Eastern European countries “in the coming days” to counter the Russian offensive.

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Here are four guns that will be donated to Ukraine in the next few days.

1- Howitzers and other artillery weapons

The United States announced on Thursday that it will deliver 72 howitzer guns to Ukraine. US troops began training Ukrainians in the use of these weapons as early as Wednesday, several specialized sites report.

The howitzer weighs 15,772 pounds and must be operated by a team of nine soldiers, it is a weapon that must be towed in order to be moved. It can be mounted on a tank or other vehicle.

It is primarily used by the United States military.

Estonia has already delivered nine howitzers to Ukraine since the invasion began.

2- American drones Phoenix Ghost

The United States already delivered 100 combat drones to Ukraine on March 17. On Thursday, they announced that they would deliver 121 Phoenix Ghost tactical drones.

Short distances can be flown with this small, rapidly deployable drone. Difficult to detect or track, it is equipped with a small explosive warhead used to attack people and light vehicles.

Combat drones (UCAV: Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) were developed against the Taliban in Afghanistan to support ground troops. They do a similar job to anti-tank missiles, with longer range but slower speed.

3- Soviet T-72 tanks

The countries of the former Yugoslavia will send large numbers of their Soviet T-72 tanks to Kyiv.

The T-72 is the most widely used tank in the world. It was manufactured in six countries and is in service with the armies of 35 nations. According to the Tank Museum, it has fought in every major war over the past 20 years.

4 self-propelled howitzer 2000 armored howitzers

Panzerhaubitze 2000 | Archive, AFP

The Netherlands will supply Ukraine with Panzerhaubitze 2000 armored howitzers, but it is Germany that must train the Ukrainians to use them.

These German-made armored howitzers are also known as the Pzh 2000. They are massive 61.5-ton vehicles, one of the heaviest ground warfare systems brought this far to Ukraine by a Western ally.

Germany itself has so far refrained from supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons. The German Chancellor argues that this could deplete the Bundeswehr’s reserves or unduly provoke Russia.

Germany will supply the 155mm shells they use, reports Forbes.

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