Dany Dubé loves to see Martin St-Louis face adversity

Since arriving with the Canadiens, everything has gone well for Martin St-Louis and his team. Dany Dubé described its beginnings as a “honeymoon”; Everyone is doing their best to impress the manager and it’s going well. On the other hand, Dubé is pleased the Canadians are now fighting because it shows the true colors of St-Louis in an ordinary, everyday setting.

According to Dubé, it’s a good thing for St-Louis because he’s learning more and more facets of being an NHL coach. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

“It’s a bit of a throwback to when we said he was going to have the honeymoon, and in a honeymoon you don’t find a lot of guilt about your spouse or your spouse. You are in the best moments of your relationship. After that, the really good times begin when he faces adversity. Here you get to know each other. Here you learn to live with everything that goes with it. I say people show their true colors in adversity. Martin St-Louis learns to live after a first phase in which everything is going well, there is a new discourse, a spirit. […] Yes, it’s good that Martin sees his team through different eyes. – Dany Dubé at 98.5 Sports

No matter what happens between now and the end of the season, the most important thing for the Canadiens and St-Louis players is to learn. The team has already retired and has many new faces. The young players will refine their game and he will continue his training as a coach alongside St-Louis. It’s okay if he loses, it’s just experience going into the skull.

Dubé ended his column by talking about Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, who will play on Thursday night. According to him, the rookie can help CH to find solutions for the few upcoming encounters. Let’s not forget Dubé’s motto: education.

A brief stint in Montreal will surely help Harvey-Pinard prepare for the playoffs with Rocket and even for the next season he could start in Montreal.


– Laval is close to qualifying for the playoffs.

– The Raptors are nearing their first win of the series.

– 20 goals in his first 32 games is a franchise record.

– Heavy defeat for the Hurricanes before the playoffs.

– The Blue Jays’ infirmary has been out of work since the start of the season.

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