‘Will he finish me there?’: First victim of Halloween attack testifies in court

Musician Rémy Bélanger, the first surviving victim of the Halloween attack in Old Quebec, recounted what he experienced on October 31 and recalled his long rehabilitation from his injuries.

After a five-day hiatus to allow a juror who tested positive for COVID-19 to recover, Carl Girouard’s trial resumed with no further hurdles, to the relief of Judge Richard Grenier, who said he was “very happy”. A first witness to the drama appeared at the bar.

As he had done in a video posted to Facebook a few days after the tragedy, Rémy Bélanger explained to the jury what happened on the Place d’Armes when he crossed paths with Carl Girouard. The victim had decided to go for a walk after spending the day indoors during this pandemic time.

Rémy Bélanger remembers seeing a man approaching him, a man in disguise and armed with a sword, but he thought it was a Halloween joke at the time. “I thought he was joking, he was trying to disgust me, he said I ignored the patent.”

Rémy Bélanger admitted that he had forgotten details of the attack, but described precisely and calmly how the first saber blow was delivered straight to the head. He also recounted how, after seeing his index finger on the ground, he had the clarity to regain it before taking refuge in the fountain in the Place d’Armes where two young adults were.

At that well he thought it was the end: “Will he finish me there?” he asked himself. However, Carl Girouard went to François Duchesne at this point.

Rémy Bélanger then went to the entrance of Château Frontenac to ask for help. He was first taken to Enfant-Jésus Hospital to treat his multiple lacerations, but at 3 a.m. he was taken to a Montreal hospital to have his index finger reimplanted.

In all, the victim was hospitalized for three weeks and spent three months in rehabilitation. Almost his entire right hand was severed by the katana blade. His head, throat and one of his shoulder blades were particularly affected.

The accused rocked back and forth frantically during the testimony and put his hands in front of his face. Before hearing the witnesses, Me Pierre-Alexandre Bernard, Prosecutor of the DPCP, submitted several photographs in which we could see the defendant’s apartment in Sainte-Thérèse.

In his bedroom, a long blade was stuck in the mattress and the symbol of chaos, an eight-pointed asterisk, was drawn on a mirror. This symbol was also found on his vehicle and on the delivery box of his 30-inch katana.

A series of text messages exchanged with his brother and mother were also included in evidence. These are mainly text messages written the day before the tragedy and specifically reflect an argument between the accused and his brother, the latter demanding that Girouard give him back his PlayStation game. for honor, an action game with samurai. The next day, her brother texted her, “I’m in so much pain.”

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