Why switch to e-cigarettes?…

To quit smoking or to reduce its effects, think of the electronic cigarette!

Better for health

In terms of health in particular, electronic cigarettes have many advantages over traditional cigarettes. Its effects are significantly smaller. Tobacco contains nearly 4,000 toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, acetone, tar and ammonia. By switching to electronic cigarettes, you absorb fewer toxins, which helps your respiratory system.

The e-cigarette reduces coughing and irritation in the throat and nose. The ability to perceive smells and tastes is higher with a vaper than with a traditional smoker. The risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases is also reduced by reducing the level of toxic substances.

More effective in smoking cessation

All attempts to quit smoking have failed? The electronic cigarette may be the solution. In fact, the vaper has the option of gradually reducing the nicotine content of their e-cigarette. This technique is effective in overcoming addiction slowly. With the electronic cigarette, the vaper can wean at their own pace.

more ecological

The e-cigarette does not generate as much waste as the classic cigarette. In fact, the cigarette butts thrown away every day pollute the soil, the groundwater and the sea, and the smoke from conventional cigarettes is very harmful to the environment. On the other hand, the vapor emitted by the e-cigarette and its smell are very light.

In addition, the air quality is less affected with the e-cigarette. In fact, cigarettes are not only harmful to the health of the smoker, but also to the people around them because they also inhale some of the smoke. The main advantage of the electronic cigarette is that it does not emit an unpleasant odor. Also, the steam will wear off after 7 seconds.

A reduced price

Granted, the cost of an e-cigarette is higher than that of a pack of traditional cigarettes. However, the savings are in the long run. Once you have acquired the electronic cigarette, all you have to do is buy the bottles of e-liquid. It should be noted that a 10 ml bottle corresponds to a large number of cigarettes. So, even if you consume a large amount of cigarettes or you are a fan of high-end cigarettes, the e-liquid will always cost you less.

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