Samsung describes its Exynos 1280, a balanced mid-range SoC

After a two-year absence, the mid-range chips are back at Samsung with the Exynos 1280. This new SoC aims at affordable smartphones but with honorable specifications.

Starting signal for the Exynos 1280, which wants to drive Samsung’s middle class // Source: Samsung via Android Police

The Exynos 1280 announced a few weeks ago marks one come back rather welcome in Samsung’s offer. This new chip is the first to settle in the mid-range of the Korean manufacturer for more than two years. This return to business once again allows the group’s affordable smartphones to be equipped with internally developed SoCs after spending two years notably with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7xx chips.

Anyway, this week Samsung revealed the most important specifications of its Exynos 1280.

A competitive chip against Qualcomm’s affordable solutions

Technically, this new ARM chip is based on Samsung’s 5 nm engraving. It is built around two high-performance Cortex-A78 cores plus 6 high-efficiency Cortex-A55 cores. 5G support is obviously up to date, as is support for 120Hz display for Full HD resolution.

Graphically, the Exynos 1280 relies on a Mali G68 GPU, which gives it a certain amount of leeway, and the chip can also count on an AI-dedicated accelerator. The latter is capable of processing up to 4.3 billion operations per second (TOPS), according to Samsung, which is in line with the performance observed on the Snapdragon 750G chips’ Hexagon DSP, Android Police notes. Autonomy is optimized using a technology called Fused Multiply-Add (FMA), which can perform multiple floating-point operations in a single step.

On the photo side, the Exynos 1280 supports a maximum 108 Mpx sensor and up to four separate photo sensors. Unsurprisingly, it also handles 4K video recording at 30 FPS.

As a reminder, the SoC now powers the new Galaxy A33 5G and A53 5G, but is expected to be installed onboard other mid-range phones later in 2022. The chip we tested on the Galaxy A53 isn’t exactly a reindeer, but it creates a satisfying experience while keeping its temperatures well under control.

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