Pixel 6 and iPhone SE 5G sales are collapsing among network operators

The Pixel 6 and iPhone SE 5G should convince many customers to switch phones, but sales of the devices don’t seem to be taking off despite manufacturers’ efforts to clear their inventories.

Although Google’s Pixel 6 has revolutionized the manufacturer’s smartphone range thanks to its high-end components and attractive price, it no longer seems to convince users at all. In question, a rather chaotic start since the smartphone suffers from a great many bugs. However, Google puts out a lot of updates, which obviously cannot eliminate all the smartphone’s problems. Yesterday a new error appeared, which, for example, rejects calls.

As detailed in a report by research firm Wave7 published by PCMag, Pixel 6 sales on US carriers are so low that Google offers bribes” very high to sellers who can sell the device. This type of incentive, called a “spiff,” short for Sales Performance Incentive Fund, is fairly common practice in the industry. So if you go to the store and get advice on buying a smartphone, it is very likely that the seller will recommend a Pixel 6.

Pixel 6 no longer convinces users, neither does iPhone SE 5G

Despite the bribes offered to the sellers These cannot convince customers to switch to the Pixel 6. However, the smartphone was expected to sell very well in the United States, a market that is generally very fond of Google smartphones. Sellers point out that the poor sales are likely due to the Pixel 6’s bad reputation for bugs and performance issues. Only die-hard Google fans would buy the device.

Along with the latest Pixel models, the iPhone SE 3 is another much-anticipated device whose sales are falling. According to the Wave7 report 56% of sales reps said demand for the iPhone SE was lower this year than the previous iPhone SE. Only 8% of sales reps surveyed said the new model was more in demand.

Worse, it seemsApple doesn’t put much effort into presenting its device. According to the research company Wave7 Research is not aware of any television, radio, outdoor, or print advertisements for the device. ‘, and a Verizon representative told the researcher that ‘ few people know he’s out there “. You’ll have to wait a bit until you’re entitled to sales figures from other research houses.

Source: PC Mag

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