Google is working on the new Wallet, an application to manage payments, bank cards and digital tickets.

PARIS, April 19 (Benin News / EP) –

The bank card and payment management application google wallet, which disappeared in 2018 when combined with Android Pay to create Google Play, could be back in this application.

In 2011, Google Wallet evolved to function as a contactless payment application using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and as a digital storage to keep the cards.

However, in 2018 combined Google Wallet with another payment system, Android Pay, to create a hybrid of the two, Google Pay, which is now used to manage digital wallets and make payments in apps and on websites.

This Monday, 9to5Google reported that Google is preparing for this a new wallet icon and now Editor and former XDA Developer Editor Mishaal Rahman has shared a screenshot of the future UI.

As detailed, the interface is called Wallet and is included with Google Play Services. Users can add debit and credit cards and checks, Gift cards, loyalty cards or banknotes. for public transport. Google Play would remain the brand for contactless payments.

Consistent with this overhaul, Rahman recalled in this Twitter thread that Google Commerce President Bill Ready hinted in January that Google Pay would end up focusing more on “an end-to-end digital wallet.” to be” and would understand that “Digital tickets, flight passes and passports for vaccinations”.

This new version of the payment application will be connected to users’ Gmail accounts, and its new icon will adopt the colors of the company signature: red, yellow, green and blue.

It is worth remembering that Apple has also recently expanded its enrollment capabilities in Wallet, as iOS device users can now enroll documents such as the Covid-19 vaccination card.

Also, recently started to integrate ID cards and US driver’s licenses in iOS 15.4. In the state of Arizona in particular, but other states such as Connecticut, Oklahoma and Utah will soon be affected.

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