For a moment, Serge Fiori becomes the interviewer

The respect artists show to Serge Fiori is deeply touching. This is what we remember from the project the songwriter is presenting today, a web show called Chez Padre with Serge Fiori.

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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
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In this series of intimate interviews, posted online Tuesday, the musician (among many others) swaps his guitar for a host mic to interview 11 personalities he holds dear. And obviously the feeling is mutual. We see that in his hour-long interview with Luc Picard, in which the actor and filmmaker responds with great, great generosity to the sometimes awkward — and often improvised — questions of Harmonium’s inimitable leader.

Because Serge Fiori does not have a strict interview schedule. In fact, he doesn’t seem to have any at all. But what he does have is an intimate bond with the guest, which results from long-standing friendship or high esteem. And that leads to a few scenes that we would otherwise never see Chez Padre (a nickname he has had for a number of years) followed a traditional talk show format. Among them, let’s highlight the moment when Luc Picard loosens up by imitating the singer Michel Chartrand to please him. Or when he talks about Henri, his 20-year-old son.


Luca Picard

We could compare Chez Padre with Serge Fiori to The other lunch at the next table, the ICI premiere radio show, now available in a TV version, in which two artists have a candid conversation over a meal. But that would be dishonest and, above all, very detrimental to Chez Padre. Since the budgets of the two meetings are far from equal, expectations must be tempered on the side of rhythm (a more streamlined editing would have made it possible to eliminate several dead times), on the side of research and on the side of decoration (a black curtain, two chairs, a green plant, a side table covered with a tablecloth and a Buddha head).


The shootings of Chez Padre everything took place last year at Serge Fiori’s in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the region where he has been living for almost two years. In addition to Luc Picard, Michel Côté, Guylaine Tremblay, Normand Brathwaite, Luc Dionne, Isabel Richer, Michel Barrette, France Castel, Régis Labeaume, Anne Dorval and Louis-Jean Cormier took part in the adventure.

In a video conference, the love and admiration they feel for Fiori crossed the screen. Luc Picard praised his qualities as an interviewer and stressed that he “completely forgot that he was giving an interview”. “Serge introduced me to people in a way I’ve never been introduced to before,” said the actor.

In a pre-recorded message, Michel Barrette spoke of an interview “among buddies” and a “huge” experience.

I forgot there was a camera. It allowed me to be authentic and uncensored.

Michel Beret

Normand Brathwaite was so comfortable with Fiori that they were forced to do the entire interview. Things would have gotten out of hand after just a few minutes, the host revealed beautiful and stupid.

For his part, Luc Dionne said that he lets himself go and that he doesn’t feel the artist’s judgement, he just listens.

Finally, Régis Labeaume stated in an interview that he had “never gone that far”. “You can only do that with a guy you like,” said the former mayor of Quebec.


Serge Fiori and Regis Labeaume

However, when we questioned him about the unpublished revelations he allegedly made, Mr Labeaume remained evasive. “I spat out a few pieces that I’ve had for a long time, like on my parents. And professionally I was often told about my successes. Serge picked me up on my mistakes. »

On-Demand Interviews

To know the exact content of Régis Labeaume’s confidants you have to pay $3.99, the price at which each one-to-one interview is offered on Fans can pick up the full season for $29.99. Promotional items such as mugs, t-shirts, highball glasses, hats, toques, shampoo and even exfoliating soaps are also for sale.

This business model suits Serge Fiori, who is producing the show with Michael Gagnon, Suzanne Richard and Hélène Lévesque, his wife. In a virtual round of talks, the composers presented themselves dixie stated that by creating his own download platform he enjoyed a freedom he would not have found elsewhere.

There’s no prickly director telling us what to do.

Serge Fiori

It is not the first time that Serge Fiori has developed a project on the edge of traditional distribution channels. The album released in December 2020 Symphonic harmonium – stories without words is not offered in stores, on Spotify, on Apple Music or any other giant stream. It is only available on In addition, starting May 24th, a show inspired by the record will be performed at the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières, starring Luce Dufault and Kim Richardson.

Serge Fiori also takes part in the show and album project Symphonic Riopellededicated to the painter Jean Paul Riopelle, whose 100th birthdayand Birthday in 2023.

series Chez Padre with Serge Fiori is available at

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