Falcon Lake by Charlotte Le Bon, selected at Cannes

Charlotte Le Bon’s first feature film as a director is part of the Directors’ Fortnight Selection, one of the two parallel sections of the Cannes Film Festival. Falkenseeis a free adaptation ofA sistera graphic novel by Bastien Vivès, the action of which was transferred to Quebec by the actress, who co-wrote the screenplay with François Choquet.

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Marc Andre Lussier

Marc Andre Lussier
The press

Accompanied by The pressCharlotte Le Bon was still floating on her cloud, even though she had known the news she had to keep secret for a few days.

“It’s really hard for me to believe,” confides the man introduced to French cinema thanks to roles Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty’s Service (Laurent Tirard) and Yves Saint Laurent (Jalil Lespert). I won’t believe it until I’m in the room and the show starts! »

I already have a short film Judith HotelAlso presented on the Croisette in 2018 as part of the Adami talent programme, this time Charlotte Le Bon will live the Cannes experience in a different way.

“It’s exciting and scary at the same time! So far maybe 10 people have seen my film. Inevitably, the prospect of presenting it in Cannes as a world premiere in a large hall [le Théâtre Croisette compte 825 sièges] it’s scary in front of my family, my friends, the festival goers and the press. If you are in this profession, however, you want what you do to be seen. But it’s super scary! »

Filmed in The Laurentians last year, starring Sara Montpetit, Joseph Engel, Monia Chokri and Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, Falkensee tells the story of Bastien, a 13-year-old teenager who leaves Paris with his family for the tranquility of a chalet on the edge of a lake in Quebec, where his mother Violette grew up. They move in with a longtime friend, Louise, and their 16-year-old daughter, Chloe. Despite the three years that separate Bastien and Chloé, a unique bond is formed between them and a strange sensual game begins.

That should be emphasized Falkensee will be in the running for the Caméra d’or, which will be awarded by a separate jury to the best first film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival from all sections.

“I try not to think about it too much! closes Charlotte Le Bon.

A first for Théodore Pellerin


Isabelle Carré and Théodore Pellerin in Continental drift (south)a film by Lionel Baier

Théodore Pellerin will also have the opportunity to go to the ball in Cannes because he is one of the headliners of Continental drift (south), a film directed by Lionel Baier, also selected for Directors’ Fortnight. In this co-production between Switzerland, France and Italy, the Québec actor plays the role of the son of a representative of the European Union, played by Isabelle Carré, who, after 10 years of separation, arrives in the latter’s life without making contact. This reunion comes at the precise moment when the communications officer in Sicily has to organize a diplomatic visit by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to a refugee camp.

“This film is part of a tetralogy conceived by Lionel Baier about the four cardinal points of Europe that began in 2006 Like thieves (in the east)explains Théodore Pellerin, accompanied by The press. It’s a bit of a satirical vision of Europe and how to deal with the refugee crisis. It’s not comedy, but there is a touch of humor. »

This presence of the actor in this European film stems from a meeting that the Swiss filmmaker asked for after seeing it genesis, by Philippe Lesage. Théodore Pellerin is visibly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​accompanying the presentation of the feature film on the Croisette.

“It will be my first time in Cannes. I’m very excited. This is extraordinary news for this film. We never expect that! »

The 54thand The Directors’ Fortnight takes place from May 18th to 27th.

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