Has Gassama been corrupted?

The March 29 match between Algeria and Cameroon continues to feed the Algerian sporting chronicle.

Following the arbitration errors by Gambian Bakary Gassama, the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) announced on Thursday 31st March that it would lodge a complaint with the International Football Federation’s (FIFA) Arbitration Committee.

Earlier this month, the president of the Algerian federal agency, Charaf-Eddine Amara, said the file submitted to FIFA contained “evidence” that the arbitration of the Algeria-Cameroon game did not take place in the summer. neutral and honest “.

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Algeria’s complaint relates to ” technical aspects during the game that influenced the result adds Amara.

The president of the FAF nevertheless did not consider it necessary “ Above all, don’t give Algerian fans false hopes and promises of things that might not come true ‘, in reference to calls for the game to be replayed.

On Sunday, Youth and Sport Minister Abderrazak Sebgag spoke for the first time about the FAF’s complaint to FIFA.

He therefore expressed a wish for FIFA to give Algeria back its rights and insisted that the national team had done so victim of arbitration by Gasama.

Overwhelming Evidence?

According to Sebgag, the FAF presented all ” possible evidence to confirm the Gambier’s refereeing errors.

As Algerians are beginning to get used to the idea that the die has been cast and the game will not be repeated, an Egyptian journalist has reignited the controversy by announcing that FIFA’s investigation into the referees of the Algeria-Cameroon game had come to an end unexpected twist.

“There is new evidence, VAR footage has surfaced in favor of Algerian football. These recordings will be important in the coming days.” Maher Genena said April 15 on Egyptian sports channel OnTime Sports.

The journalist, who presents himself as a behind-the-scenes connoisseur of African football, doesn’t stop there, revealing an act of corruption that FIFA would investigate, involving a referee stealing a sum of money through a president’s company (of a federation) whose selection itself qualified for the world.

But the suspicion weighs unsurprisingly on referee Gassama. As such, the World Anti-Corruption Security Organization (Omsac) denounced acts of corruption against referee Gassama during the Algeria-Cameroon match.

According to Omsac, the report of the German referees “VAR ” proved “via audio and video that referee Bakary Gassama knowingly refused to act on their warnings that he must return to VAR to validate and rule on his poor refereeing decisions.”

“From the elements recorded by our investigative department experts, it seems certain that there was corruption in order to achieve the result known to us,” adds Omsac “FIFA is under tremendous pressure and trying to get out of this difficult situation with as little damage as possible “.

And this organization to reveal that “dThe parties within the institution (FIFA) are working to solve the problem due to technical referee errors and therefore do justice to the Algerian national team by replaying the game.”

Gassama throwback

In addition, the Egyptian journalist does not specify which referee is involved or whether it is about the Algeria-Cameroon game.

Bakary Gassama, who has already been blamed for his poor refereeing during the Algeria-Cameroon game, caused a stir again during Saturday night’s African Champions League match between South African club Mamelodi Sundown and Angola’s Petro Atlético.

Gassama’s VAR referees overturned a blatant penalty in favor of the Angolan team.

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