Murder in Lac-Saint-Charles: The defendant’s parents want to sue the city of Quebec

Kim Lebel’s parents, charged with the murder that took place in Lac-Saint-Charles two weeks ago, claim that this drama would not have should never have arrived, and they’re skinning the Quebec police, who they plan to file a lawsuit against.

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“They didn’t take us seriously. This tragedy should never have happened, everything was there to avoid it … “launched Lucie Drouin on Monday afternoon during a first public appearance, suppressing a sob.

In full psychosis, on April 6, his son Kim Lebel would have killed his neighbor Jacques Côté by beating him with metal bars. However, his relatives did everything they could to take care of him quickly before the tragedy, it is said.

Two days earlier, two Quebec City police officers (SPVQ) went to the defendant’s home after a call from parents concerned about their son’s possible actions. The agents would have left 20 minutes later.

“[On] repeatedly insisted that they pick him up and that he see a psychiatrist. You should have intervened,” said Drouin, who along with her husband Daniel struggled to hold back her tears.

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An unbearable wait

Less than 48 hours later, the 30-year-old’s parents obtained a court order requiring their son to undergo an immediate psychiatric evaluation.

The couple would have waited more than 3 hours at the police station, prescription in hand, for officers to sort out the situation, but it was in vain.

“[On] told me not to worry, to go home that she [allaient] take care of it,” continues the defendant’s mother in this case.

Upon their return, they witnessed their son’s murderous psychosis first hand and had to restrain him themselves. Police finally arrived 25 minutes later, after several calls to 911.

“It’s too late for us […]. [Mais] If we can help someone who is trapped in this situation, it might help that there are no more victims, we want that,” Daniel Lebel denounced a “slow system and hay skewers”.

prosecution possible

Mand Marc Bellemare, attorney for Kim Lebel’s parents, indicated that a lawsuit against the City of Quebec and its police forces is under consideration, possibly even ahead of the Bureau of Independent Investigations’ (BEI) conclusions in the case. .

“Normally, as soon as the policeman had the sentence in his hands, he should have delegated a patrol and gone to get the little one. This is an unforgivable mistake,” the lawyer decided.

Kim Lebel’s parents also used this first public appearance since the tragedy to express their condolences to the family of the victim “who suffered a senseless death”.

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