Eloi and Krystel reach the final

Once again, Eloi Cummings won the audience votes for “Star Academy” on Sunday night, and he’s likely to win next Sunday’s finale.

Protected by the teachers, Krystel Mongeau oddly reached the finals without ever being celebrated by the public.

The Academicians opened the evening with the song “Star Académie”, accompanied by Yannick Nézet-Séguin and twenty members of the Orchester Métropolitain (OM).

As guest artistic director, the maestro created a symphonic party where he revisited some of his favorite songs. Krystel and Camélia opened the number with “Encore un soir” by Celine Dion. We also heard “Tightthrope”, “Gigi in Paradisco”, “Aimer d’amour”, “Miami”, the Diane Tell and Ariane Moffatt versions and “I Feel Love”.

Eloi and Olivier took the opportunity to wink at their limited dancing talent, a charge often heard from teachers.

Eloi Cummings is the first semifinalist to take the stage to perform Nicola Ciccone’s The Beggar’s Opera. Accompanied by his guitar he was super convincing. “Tonight I really saw a man on stage, present, strong and solid,” analyzed Guylaine Tremblay.

On “I Don’t Love You More,” Krystel literally gave Mongeau her whole heart. “We love you more and more,” Marc Dupré told him. Gregory Charles then repeated to him how dazzled the teachers had been by his talent since the beginning of this adventure. “Technique and voice, exceptional,” he added. But there was also an extraordinary emotional charge.

On the advice of the teachers, Olivier Bergeron hoped to pass the final with “The voice that I have” by Offenbach. One performance began with a piano part before a more rocking crescendo. “Olivier is the quintessence of someone who understood what “Star Académie” was, he really found his way,” says Lara Fabian, visibly impressed by the path of the academy member.

Finally, Camélia Zaki gave a masterful interpretation of “I am sick” by Serge Lama. Marc Dupré proudly reminded her that she had been part of his team at La Voix Junior a few years ago. “I’m very touched,” said Guylaine Tremblay. It’s not enough to sing with your vocal cords, you must also sing with your body and your heart. It’s an interpreter.”

The four semi-finalists then performed “Aimons-nous” by Yvon Deschamps to surprise Guylaine Tremblay, who is currently touring with a show featuring songs by Quebecers’ favorite comedian.

Straight from his native Louisiana, Zachary Richard shared his great achievements with the academic community. The start of the four in unison on “Working is too hard” was terrific. He then resumed “Cap enrage” with Krystel, “Full moon in December” with Olivier, “Au bord du Lac Bijou” with Camélia before ending with “La ballade de Jean Batailleur” with Eloi.

“Star Académie” was the scene of a special marriage proposal. Alain had lost sight of Danièle, the young woman he had noticed in high school. Years later, after getting married alone, they found each other and now enjoy perfect happiness. The surprise was total for the bride-to-be, who obviously accepted the request.

After winning “La Voix” in 2020, Josiane Comeau is back on stage with a first original excerpt from an upcoming album, “Last in Line”, on which she co-wrote.

The fifteen academics will meet for a graduation ceremony mid-week before the grand finale next Sunday.

Last year’s “Star Académie” was a unique experience for Yannick Nézet-Séguin. “It allowed us to make even more connections to the world of pop music,” he said in an interview. Coming back here was like reuniting with my family. The contact with the talents of this year warmed my heart. The conductor visited the Academicians in Waterloo during the week and was amazed. “They have very different talents, everyone has their own personality despite their youth, it’s amazing to see that.” With his number he wanted to show that a symphony orchestra can adapt to all musical styles. “Maybe people don’t know that they hear violin, cello, trumpet… I would really like to do a full show with these kind of songs, it’s one of my dreams. In the meantime, Yannick Nézet-Séguin will be back in concert with OM next May.

Josiane Comeau won the last edition of “La Voix” in 2020. It was two years before she released her first song. “After the win came the pandemic,” she explained. I also wanted to take the time to post something that looks like me. I didn’t necessarily know myself as an artist. We made the journey to discover my essence, we tried many styles, from country to pop. The young woman, originally from New Brunswick, is really proud to present “Last in line,” a song she co-wrote. “Once I started writing, it came out on its own in both languages. It’s a nod to my language Chiac, it was really natural.”

Saved by the public

Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands

Saved by the teachers

Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke

The daily “Star Académie” airs Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on TVA.

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