Bianca Andreescu, “more peaceful than ever”

The 21-year-old Canadian will be back in action this week

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard
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Since her last appearance in October, Bianca Andreescu has been very discreet. She preferred to withdraw from the limelight to better work on herself. A transformed player and more relaxed than ever registered for the Stuttgart tournament this week to return to football and present herself there as a new children’s book author.

Despite being sidelined, the past six months have not been easy for the 21-year-old. After recurring health issues and a delayed return to the game, the winner of the 2019 edition of the United States Open is ready to return to action.


Bianca Andreescu injured her foot after a long run during her match against Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur at the National Bank Open on August 12.

She was in Mallorca, Spain, at the Rafael Nadal Academy when she reached out to her The pressa week before his return to the game.

“Since I’ve been here, a lot of people have come to tell me they’re excited for my return, that they miss me and that it was nice to see me in training. It’s great to have that connection with the supporters, I missed it. »

Currently 120and in the WTA rankings, the Canadian is no longer the same player as last fall.

Her calm tone, her choice of words, her ever-present laugh, and the quality of her reflections on the other end of the line testify to the maturity and serenity she was able to acquire in her absence. .

Time is a fabulous paradox. Six months is long and short at the same time. The most important thing for Andreescu is to have made progress and found the best way to make the most of these long weeks.

I feel more peaceful than ever. It wasn’t exactly easy to get to this point, but it’s an amazing feeling and I didn’t think I could feel so good so quickly.

Bianca Andreescu

Lately, the Ontarian has only been concentrating on the essentials. She restructured the way she managed her career, personal and professional life. According to her, life is about consistency, progression and learning.

She admits she learned a lot about herself. Spending so much time away from the courts will have greatly helped her to become aware of the different aspects of the life of a professional, champion and aspiring athlete.

glory and youth

Although she has had moments of fame and earned well, Andreescu is only 21 years old. Despite everything, she is a young adult who is still learning to cope with the extraordinary everyday life in which she lives.

So it will do her great good to return to where she feels most comfortable, on a tennis court, and complete the loop of that half year of learning about herself. “With all the work I’ve done, I’m always looking for satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. »

She will return to the tournament in Stuttgart, Germany, a relatively large clay court tournament that attracts the best players in the world.

However, Andreescu does not want to have too high expectations. She knows she’s under pressure every time she plays, it’s inevitable. That’s why she doesn’t want to add more, but she won’t hesitate to feed on it. Above all, she wants to rediscover the joy of her favorite sport and feel physically and mentally comfortable on the pitch.

If I can go out there and play as well as I can with the preparation I’ve had, that will be enough for me.

Bianca Andreescu

On the other hand, she doesn’t hide it, she wants to integrate it again top 10 and win other tournaments. This season or next.

She says she plays “very well”, her preparation was more than sufficient and the desire to compete again motivates her enormously.

“I miss the action, the preparation and the supporters! I could never forget all the love I’ve received since the beginning of my career. I miss it terribly. »

From bat to pencil

Bianca Andreescu also used her six-month break to realize a project that she had had in mind for a long time: the creation of a book.

“About the age of 15 or 16 I had a dream in which I was writing my own book and I remember telling my mother about it the next day. She said, “Why don’t we do it?” It’s just that I didn’t have much to say at the time,” she explains with a laugh.


Bianca Andreescu is the author of a book aimed primarily at children.

The book is titled Bibi’s Got game and is aimed primarily at children. This is an illustrated book that tells his journey. Available in bookstores from June 1stah May, just over two years after the project was first drafted.

With this book she wants to reach a much larger audience than her partisan base and inspire young people in a different way than with a bat in hand.

I wanted to create something universal, with images so that as many people as possible could identify with them.

Bianca Andreescu

This book covers a variety of topics such as: B. the importance of meditation, visualization, how to train, and also offers various tools to be more successful. It’s about encouraging readers to never give up, to follow their dreams and build a solid following. “It’s super important and I think it’s all together that can explain my success so far. »

The pandemic is not explicitly addressed in this work. Still, Andreescu believes that the advice she is giving with this project could help many people find some peace of mind after this time, which continues to affect many people’s morale. At least it was a priority for her throughout the creative process.

“The idea is also to remember things for which we are grateful. To calm or rest our mind. Personally, it helps me focus on the present moment, my intuition is better, I have better ideas and it’s crucial in our busy lives that we lead. »

She admits that a long time has passed between the first draft of the book and its publication. Simply because she wanted to get as close to perfection as possible.

“I really hope that my return to acting and the release of the book will go well together because yes I have been away from acting for a long time but the book is about never giving up and following your dreams and I think my return makes that clear in a way. »

This is also the new Bianca Andreescu. An athlete who wants to get back to the top, but most importantly, takes her time with every step to become the best version of herself.

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