Before you buy a game, check if it will run on your Windows computer

Determining whether your system meets or exceeds the minimum requirements is not easy, as different generations of processors and GPUs are not always directly comparable. This gets even more complicated when you consider the two types of processors found in laptops, which also don’t easily compare to their desktop counterparts.

There is sometimes a compromise between the games minimum and recommended hardware requirements if you want to play on the lowest game settings. Conversely, recommended computer specifications that meet or exceed these deliver smoother frame rates, support for higher resolutions, and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Before you buy a game, check if it will run on your Windows computer

Follow the basic rule: if the processors of the main unit and graphics are newer than the minimum configurations required for the game, then you can play the game on your computer. On the other hand, you have to find the chips and compare them with each other, which is not always obvious to laypeople.

Find game configurations

Visit game publishers’ websites for minimum and recommended specs – or on the back of the game box if you have one.

Next go to your Windows system. Open Task Manager and then select the Performance tab. From the left menu, select Processor, Memory, and Graphics. For each item, the description appears in the right section. This way you can compare the information with that of the game.

Before you buy a game, check if it will run on your Windows computer

Also check the amount of free space on your 0 or C drive. Games usually take up a lot of space. Very fast storage devices of the SSD type are clearly preferable to hard disks with rotating platters.

If your system meets or exceeds the minimum or recommended requirements, the game should run smoothly on your computer.

Other possible pitfalls

pilots (driver) of your system that are not up to date can prevent the game from installing, especially those that manage the graphics card. Your update should fix the problem.

Game bugs can make installation difficult. Visit the developer’s website for known issues.

Finally, a software or virus problem that is taking up too much computer power would need to be fixed before installation.

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