Apple accidentally releases Massive Upgrade for iPad and iPhone

Update 4/18 below. This article was originally published on May 16th

Leakers have revealed many of the iPhone 14 range’s best specs along with a few issues. But after already leaking one revealing upgrade, Apple accidentally leaked other upgrades that will benefit millions of iPhone and iPad users.

The bug was discovered by 9to5Mac while searching the source code of Apple’s new iOS 15.5 beta. Despite being the latest publicly available iPhone software, the Apple code refers to enhanced Focus and News features for “a device with newer software” as well as exclusive upgrades that “are no longer fully supported on older devices.”

Update 04/18: Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has a nugget that has been overlooked by many miss that Apple is planning to integrate satellite calls into the iPhone, which could appear in time for the iPhone 14 range this year. The information was buried in the last paragraph of an Apple Watch-focused report:

“The company is also working to bring satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch, paving the way for emergency texting and SOS response capabilities. The plan is to release these features on the iPhone later this year. The technology would allow users to send text messages. to emergency personnel on satellite networks and report incidents.”

If this message gives you déjà vu, you are not alone. Last August, Gurman and respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo both reported that satellite telephony was planned for the iPhone 13. Though that feature never came, the duo were confident it remained in Apple’s long-term plans. So this leak is perfectly logical.

It’s also a feature that really makes sense. When it comes to safety, knowing that you are never cut off from emergency assistance no matter where you are is a big selling point. It’s also a strong differentiator, as no mainstream Android rival currently has this feature. However, if Apple does manage to bring satellite calling to the iPhone 14 range, you can expect its competitors to be quick to copy that decision.

According to 9to5Mac’s notes, the code strings not only shed light on Apple’s upcoming plans (and a Focus mode overhaul in particular would be massive for an increasingly distracted society), but also a number of product cuts as the company stands ready to make one Another generation of Apple to bring out older iPhones and iPads. iOS 15/iPadOS 15 currently supports iPhone 6S (2015) and newer and iPad Mini 4 (2015) and newer, so owners of these devices may be forced to upgrade this year.

Additionally, Apple’s code follows up on leaks from respected Bloomberg Apple author Mark Gurman, who claims there will be “pretty significant improvements.” [of iOS/iPadOS] across the board,” including a long-awaited notification overhaul. As is Apple tradition, you can also expect many of these features to be exclusive to the new iPhone 14 range – this is also hinted at in the new code references.

I wouldn’t expect relationships to end here. Apple has consistently laid out its own plans by including futuristic source code in iOS releases, and with the first iOS 16 beta due out in June, you can expect the floodgates to open.

And they might need it. The current narrative sees the iPhone 14 range as somewhat dated, with leaks showing that the standard model will be virtually identical to the iPhone 13 (even in performance), while the Pro models will feature a new split-punch dual-punch -Display and have a higher price.

Yes, the line’s new oversized cameras will cause a stir, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple “accidentally” released additional iPhone 14 features in iOS 16 beta code to add to the excitement.


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