an unforgettable moment for the Warden’s family

The last few months have really not been easy for Carey Price and his family. The Canadiens goalie spent the offseason rehabilitating his knee (not to mention the uncertainty of the draft extension in his case), then spent a month in the player assistance program before continuing rehabilitation for several months.

And speaking of the Player Assistance Program, it is recalled that he was unable to see his family during his absence. It is anything but natural for three young children, and they were clearly very eager to see their father again.

However, Price finally returned to the game yesterday and as he explained it was a big moment for him. He was excited to be able to play hockey for the first time in a long time and appreciated the welcome from the fans.

It was also an opportunity for his entire family to go to the Bell Center to witness Carey’s big comeback, and as his wife Angela Price emphasized on her Instagram account, it will have been an unforgettable moment for her.

She particularly emphasized how touched she was by the reaction of the fans when Price was introduced by Michel Lacroix and she was touched to see how excited the local staff were to see # 31 again.

But it was also a memorable moment for the couple’s three children:

Watch Lincoln play his first hockey game. See Millie play the role of Dada’s biggest fan. Watching Liv go back to what needed to feel normal, her whole life has been about going to (Carey’s) games and I know she missed it so much. – Angela Price

In fact, it was the first time Lincoln, the couple’s youngest child, saw his father in action while he was at the location. The two girls, a little older, have already had the opportunity to do so. Liv, the oldest, had also been on the ice in her father’s arms one weekend at the All-Star Game.

Then Angela concludes her message like this:

Too often I’ve taken nights like this for granted.
After the year we had, I’m so grateful that I got to have last night, not just for Carey but for our entire family. – Angela Price

We don’t know what the future holds for Carey Price but in any case yesterday’s game was a great moment not only for the fans but also for the goalkeeper and his entire family. And in a season where games are meaningless in many ways, yesterday meant something far bigger than the zero impact it had on the standings.


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