Activision Blizzard – Activision Blizzard is consulting with players, specifically on NFTs

As part of a survey, Activision Blizzard advises players on some important topics: virtual reality, crossplay, but also NFTs and play-to-earn. Players are wondering, Mike Ybarra assures no project is underway.

Now and again, Activision Blizzard asks players through surveys to better identify their expectations or their areas of interest (e.g. on the next renewals of WOW classic). Some of these polls remain discreet, others generate more comments on social media. Such is the case with the latest, which polls players on some of the key issues currently enlivening players’ communities.

Activision Blizzard has apparently commissioned the British opinion and data analysis institute YouGov to better understand the opinion of its players on the frequency with which they play title-like games blizzard to which they are dedicated, due to their interest in subscription services or even mobile, console and PC crossplay, in virtual or augmented reality, but also in NFT and play-to-earn – those economic models that allow gamers to play games to monetize content.

We know that play-to-earn isn’t well received by some players, and the fact that the studio is blatantly challenging that sentiment is raising questions on social media – notably reported by the VGC site. Do the Activision Blizzard teams have any projects in this area?
The future will tell, but until then Mike Ybarrathe boss of BlizzardEntertainmentHe reacts promptly on Twitter and makes sure that there is no project running in his studio. act of it.

We recall that some Blizzard employees have already expressed their hostility towards NFTs, such as Jorge Murillo (Senior Designer ofover watch) made available on pitchside social networks GDC that he was willing to mobilize to ensure NFTs are not integrated into the games he works on. It remains to be clarified why the group saw fit to consult the players on this issue.

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