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At the end of April, Nintendo will once again rock gamers around the world with the release of Switch Sports, the worthy successor to Wii Sports (2006). In early April, we were invited by Nintendo to preview the game. Don’t hesitate to find our opinion here.

So that you know everything about the game, today we offer you a summary to know everything about the game!

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When will Nintendo Switch Sports be released?

Nintendo Switch Sports is expected to be released on April 29, 2022.

Which consoles will Nintendo Switch Sports appear on?


The game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Please note that the game will not be compatible with all Switch consoles. If you are playing on Switch LITE, you will not be able to play Switch Sports.

Why isn’t Nintendo Switch Sports compatible with the Switch Lite?

Nintendo Switch Sports is one of the few games that requires using remote Joy-Cons and connecting the console to the TV. Therefore it is not possible to play the game on the Switch Lite which is only a portable console.

What weight will the game have on consoles?

According to the information on the official Nintendo website, the weight of Switch Sports is said to be 1.5GB. So it’s perfectly reasonable not to put too much strain on the console’s hard drives.

Will there be multiple editions of Nintendo Switch Sports?

No, Nintendo intends to only offer one edition: the basic edition, sold with a strap to attach your Joy-Con to your leg. Do not hesitate to consult our pre-order guide to find your Nintendo Switch Sports game at the best price on the web!

Preorder nintendo switch sports

How much will Nintendo Switch Sports cost?

The maximum recommended price for Nintendo Switch Sports is €49.99. On the other hand, it is currently possible to find the game cheaper on the web, in a price range between €39.49 and €49.99.

What sports will be in the game?

Preview Switch Sports Bowling


Nintendo Switch Sports offers six different disciplines that you can practice alone or with others. In this list you will find three sports that we have already seen in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts.

  • Tennis (suitable solo or as a duo).
  • The Chambara (several sabers available, with the base saber, the loaded saber, and the double saber).
  • Bowling (with the ability to play normally, play as a team, and participate in challenges).

Three new disciplines emerge with:

  • Football (with the possibility of games or penalty shoot-outs).
  • Volleyball (with the possibility of playing singles or doubles games).
  • Badminton (for solo or duo matches).

Can you play multiple?

Yes, you can play up to four players on the same console. In teams like tennis, you can play in pairs to play two against two. In sports like bowling, you can play in a team or against anyone. In sports like Chambara, on the other hand, you can only play solo one-on-one.

Is it possible to play online?

Preview Switch Sports Tennis


Yes, it is possible to play all of the sports included in the game online, however you must be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. It will even be possible to play against online opponents with two players on the same console!

Are there new sports coming up in the next few months?

Yes, Nintendo has already announced that Nintendo Switch Sports will receive several free updates. From May it is possible to play football with your feet. This fall, a new free update will add golf to the game’s various sports. We don’t know if there will be more updates next year.

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Everything about Nintendo Switch Sports in 5 questions

When is the Nintendo Switch Sports release date?

April 29, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch (not compatible with Switch Lite).

Will there be multiple editions?

No, there will only be the Nintendo Switch Sports bundle, which includes the game and a strap to attach the Joy-Con to your leg. Depending on the reseller, the price is between €34.99 and €49.99. No special edition planned for the game.

How many sports will there be in Nintendo Switch Sports?

At launch, the game will feature six sports including tennis, bowling, badminton, soccer, volleyball and chambara. This fall, Golf will add a seventh discipline to the list via a free update. We don’t yet know if Nintendo plans to add more sports later, either via free updates or paid DLCs.

Will there be an online mode?

Yes, it will be possible to play all the game’s sports online, alone or in pairs. To do this, you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

How many players can compete on the same console?

It will be possible to play up to four players on the same Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch OLED console. For this, each player needs at least one Joy-Con. Some games can be played as a team and with four players at the same time, other sports must be played turn-based.

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