This Samsung 2.1 soundbar is available at the best price on Cdiscount

news good plan This Samsung 2.1 soundbar is available at the best price on Cdiscount

A good way to improve the sound of your connected TV with a very reasonable price for this Samung soundbar, which is already cheap in normal times. The Samsung HX-335, which normally retails at €119, sees its retail price drop further to €99. If you are looking for a product like this, now is the best time to take advantage of it.

Samsung HW-K335: a very low price for a 2.1 system

This soundbar with a total output of 130 W is a 2.1 systemi.e. two tweeters in the bar itself and a separate bass box, for a more distributed audio reproduction than with a 2.0 system and a more precise bass adjustment.

Buy the Samsung HW-K335 2.1 Soundbar for €99 at Cdiscount

So for the price you have a soundbar that focuses on the essentials: it reproduces the sound signal from your TV, and you can connect it to the optical input to drastically improve the sound quality compared to the sound coming out of the TV speakers generally not strong enough and sizzle when maxed out.

With rather thin dimensions of 5 cm high and 7 cm deep, it’s a discreet soundbar that’s easy to place under your TV. Samsung build quality means you can handle it without fear of damaging it.

Audio quality at the level at a price of no more than 100 €

Settings are made with a compact Samsung remote control. With it, you can manage the volume, audio track transitions, sound effects, and audio output. This soundbar has several presets that you can use to do this switch between game or movie mode.

Audio levels, it’s a serious soundbar that allows you to achieve good quality in the mids and a sound reproduction in the bass and treble that is absolutely excellent for the price if you stay within a reasonable volume range.

Samsung HW-K335: an affordable soundbar that can be used in Bluetooth

An integrated LCD display on the front of the soundbar, you can use the remote control to keep track of what you’re doing.

You can also use your soundbar via Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to it and easily stream your music, which can be very handy if you don’t have a dedicated amplifier in your living room.

In short, a very good choice for a Samsung soundbar that doesn’t break the bank but offers improved sound reproduction for TVs as well as Bluetooth devices. It is currently available at the best price on Cdiscount.

Buy the Samsung HW-K335 2.1 Soundbar for €99 at Cdiscount

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