Remparts of Quebec: Rule in good standing

The Quebec Remparts honored the members of the Memorial Cup champions in attendance at the Videotron Center on Friday, winning convincingly 4-1 over the Moncton Wildcats.

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Zachary Bolduc with his 45th birthdayand, Zachary Gravel, Nicolas Savoie and James Malatesta scored for the Remparts, who wore the tan jersey for the 2006 Memorial Cup Tribute Night. Mathis Cloutier robbed William Rousseau of a fourth shutout midway through the third period this season.

“We had a good match. I liked that we played 60 minutes with the same intensity. That’s what the players do every night,” commented Patrick Roy.

Also, despite the presence of elders, the head coach didn’t feel the need to discuss the 2006 victory with his squad before meeting.

“It’s a different era. Anyway, the group is on a mission. The boys are on the brink. I don’t feel the need to motivate or say anything right now. We have the lead and the guys know what they want and invest in it. »


The score could have been much higher had it not been for goalkeeper Jonathan Lemieux’s brilliance. The 20-year-old veteran, bombarded with 60 shots, multiplied the acrobatics and in particular eluded Bolduc with a shot from close range a safe goal. On the other side, the Wildcats deflected just 12 shots at Rousseau’s net.

“He was phenomenal. I don’t know how lucky we were, but it’s his credit. At the same time, we still keep the same rhythm. I like that we play offensively, but also play very well defensively,” added Roy.

Remparts and Wildcats could face each other in the first round of the playoffs and we could already feel the tension building on Friday. The physical match resulted in some spats after the whistles.

“We wanted to send a message tonight and we did that very well. We are very happy with the performance,” added captain Théo Rochette.

“It’s a big team win,” Gravel added. We played well for a while and tonight, even though it was a physical game, the guys stayed calm and it paid off. »

The Remparts return to action tomorrow afternoon when they visit the Cataractes in Shawinigan. The latter lost 3-2 to Gatineau Olympiques on Friday.


As the hockey world mourns the death of Mike Bossy, Patrick Roy also said he was saddened by the news.

“Too young,” he said. It’s really sad. It’s a loss not just for the hockey world, but for everyone. He seemed very happy with TVA Sports and did a great job there. He had found a passion that drove him and he was doing great things. It’s sad to see him go. He was way too young. »

A chemistry that spans the years

16 years. So much time has passed since the Remparts won the 2006 Memorial Cup.

However, we got the impression that it was Friday when Alexander Radulov’s band had brought the big trophy to Quebec.

The Remparts used the visit of the Moncton Wildcats – a team they defeated in the 2006 Memorial Cup Finals – to honor this final edition of the organization’s champions.

Nine former members of the team were present for the occasion, namely goalkeeper Cédrick Desjardins, then-captain Simon Courcelles, as well as Maxime Lacroix, Nicolas Robillard, Joey Ryan, Yan Ouimet, Kevin Desfossés, Guillaume Veilleux and Christophe Poirier.

“The most striking thing for me tonight is the friendships we’ve made,” assured Courcelles. The bonds we forged by gathering around a common goal. You see, we’re already laughing, we’re tense. It’s a super warm vibe,” continued the man, who is now a Montreal-area firefighter.

meeting in 2015

The majority of these players had met again in 2015 when the tournament was presented in Quebec.

For ex-defender Joey Ryan, on the other hand, it was a first in Quebec since 2006, as he had to turn down the invitation in 2015 due to the birth of his third child.

“What I will always remember about the team is the bond that united us. It was incredible and phenomenal and a big part of what made us aware of what we were doing. We had fun playing. »


Since 2006, no Remparts formation has ever been as promising as this year’s.

If you could give the Red Devils 2022 edition one piece of advice, what would it be?

“It’s a surge of emotions and there will be ups and downs,” said Desjardins. When you have a conductor like Patrick [Roy] who is there, it helps. I remember that he took control of our emotions. But my message to the players would be to live this moment. To live every day as if it were the last. They have a lot of 19’s and 20’s so you never know. It’s a rollercoaster ride, but guys know that kind of pressure. To experience this with the Remparts logo is something special. »

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