Montreal Canadiens talk about the future of Martin St-Louis

A slip-up by Martin St-Louis at the end of Monday’s post-match press conference sent many Canada’s fans into a panic. With the statement “If I come back next year”, the interim head coach seemed to indicate some uncertainty about his future.

Hadn’t Kent Hughes said when he met the media at the close of business that St-Louis, whom he had hired a month and a half earlier, had not been hired simply to fill the role of “substitute teacher”?

In the hours leading up to his confrontation with the Blue Jackets, the 46-year-old Laval resident was about to put the pendulum back when an English-speaking colleague challenged him again about his future.

“I was brought here to finish the season. That’s what I’ll focus on first,” he replied.

“Is it my goal to come back next year? Absolutely. I don’t see many things that would stop me from coming back. If I project myself six or seven months into the future, I see myself behind the bench. But you never know,” he continued.

One after the other

As a connoisseur of the leitmotif “you control what you can control” and the “present moment,” St-Louis might not want to take anything for granted. With the hockey world changing rapidly, he might not want to look too far into the future.

Or does he not want to be distracted by contract negotiations?

“After the season we will sit down and discuss,” he also said.

Note that the regular schedule has exactly two weeks and eight games left.

One would think that family reasons would make him hesitate. St-Louis left his wife and the two youngest of his three sons in Connecticut before coming to Montreal. His eldest, Ryan, wears the colors of Northeastern University in Boston in the NCAA.

However, in an interview with representatives of protocola week after being hired, St-Louis said he felt his sons had a good enough start in life to walk away without worrying too much.

“I wanted to have a big impact on their development, both on a human level and as a hockey player. The only way to get there is to be there every day, he said. Today, I feel comfortable making that decision. I know the foundation is solid. You are in the right place mentally and physically. »

Piloting St-Louis, the Canadian held a record of 12-13-4 for a total of 28 points. That puts him 23rd in the league in percentage of points earned since February 10.

At first glance, we are a long way from a reversal of the situation. However, if one considers the condition of the Habs at the time of arrival from St. Louis, one can certainly speak of a good development. So does the individual outburst of the team’s youngsters, Cole Caufield, Alexander Romanov and Nick Suzuki at the front.

The shark pond

The work that St-Louis has put in over the past two months certainly doesn’t go unnoticed across the NHL. In this shark-filled pond, Hughes and Jeff Gorton better not leave that file lying around.

Because there will be no shortage of offers when the waltz of coach dismissals begins at the end of the campaign.

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