Carey Price’s aura rather than his shadow

Taking his place in front of his net, he indulged in his little classical dance steps to make the ice less slippery and snappier in his semicircle. He swept them along the bars. The warm-up hadn’t even really started when Carey Price received a standing ovation from the fans.

Then, just before the national anthem, there was a second. Then, right after the national anthems, a third. And a few more times during the game.

It was Friday night at the Bell Center, minutes from a duel that couldn’t have been more flimsy and insignificant to the final standings between CH and the New York Islanders. Hours after the death of a hockey legend, Mike Bossy, was announced.

The air was heavy, charged. No nervousness, no neurotic anticipation. Just violent, palpable, something heavy, we have already told you.

So, Carey Price was here nine months after what seemed like minor knee surgery, six months after she ended up in rehab. And, dear, he got as much as you will be giving your children chocolates in the next few days. Aside from the fact that Carey Price doesn’t keep you up at night or give you a headache…or so we hope.

Carey Price watches Zach Parisé net the puck during Friday night’s game against the New York Islanders.

Photo: Getty Images/Minas Panagiotakis

It feels good to feel wantedShe dropped the main interested, as if in a kind of scream from the heart. Ah, that’s difficult to disagree with, but wait a minute.

Didn’t he know? Didn’t he know that the provinces were calling him? That his teammates were waiting for him as their last lifeline, not to get through this season but just to get one last breath of fresh air before merrily perishing.

heart and souldropped Martin St-Louis.

One model for everyoneadded Nick Suzuki. The face of the organizationHe allowed himself to add the young center.

Carey Price’s game hadn’t aged a bit. Calm, sovereign, he beamed at the goalkeeper from the first minutes, very calm for him, to be honest, this furious control, this intense detachment, this busy nonchalance (here we are looking for contrasts just in case) that distinguishes him.

He didn’t look like someone who hadn’t played for so long. »

A quote from Martin St-Louis on Carey Price

No, really, Mr. St-Louis, he didn’t look like it.

The technique seemed perfect. Movements: fluid. The game with the puck: outstanding as usual. It was almost frustrating.

Leave some for othersshouted one supporter, unless it was just a pipe dream.

This required a three-against-zero relegation (!!!). islanders score a first goal. Then, perhaps a little shaken, a minute and a half later Price gave young Noah Dobson another, not a bad one by the way, and yielded with an excellent shot from the wrists that some critics of number 31 would have liked to have had.’ He stops .

2 goals allowed from 19 shots in total, not enough to write to his dear mother (although it amounts to the same thing if she reads this).

But it is in his 19 mostly harmless shots that lies the key to the power of this goalkeeper, who has been the standard-bearer of a once-favorable organization for all too long.

It’s not much, 19 shots, even if you could say so islanders maybe just to atone for a bad one from their system. The fact remains that the CH gives an average of almost 35 per game, i.e. earns him 30and Rank of this league which has 32 teams.

The fact remains that in 13 of the last 14 games Montreal has been led, often abused, dominated and suppressed by their opponents in terms of shots on goal. At 21 of the 75 meetings since the start of the season for the most curious among you.

A team that is often ready before a duel begins, like Vercingetorix, to lay down their arms at Caesar’s feet. There she fought from the first minutes. Joel Armia also played the illusionist and, with a little frankness, we would have thought that the Finn really likes it, ice hockey. No but.

The Canadian attempted 89 shots against 39: an outrageous possession of the puck. He didn’t score, of course, but we still can’t blame Price for that. Finally…we think.

He has presence. When he’s in goal you feel like you can win. The whole time. You have an advantagestarted the trainer of islandersBarry defiance.

I saw that in my brief experience with the Canadian team. I have a feeling that’s how he’s seen in the league. A player who makes the difference. He’s got an incredible presence and the numbers to show it »

A quote from Barry defiance, coach of the islandersabout Carey Price

It’s a legend in the National Hockey League. It’s really special to be able to play with him and I know everyone feels the same way. It stimulates the entire formation. He’s our best player. He calms everyonesaid Nick Suzuki, a guy who doesn’t seem to put himself in the lead for a yes or no.

For a price, on the other hand…

That famous aura, that presence, that intangible impact that’s been talked about for years was felt on Friday night.

The fact that he was able to inspire enthusiasm in a harmless game after such a long absence is a testament to his uniqueness. Not everyone has such a strong soul.

It was a difficult season Meanwhile, Price experienced setbacks in his rehabilitation and even entered the club’s player assistance program National Hockey League because of drug abuse. An endless season, at the end of which there was a question mark: the headliner of this team, its base, would it be able to continue the adventure?

We don’t actually know that yet. Should he be able, does he want to? Again questions about which a lot of ink will flow.

The good news for the Canadian is, firstly, that the keeper appeared to be in full possession and secondly, that he very bored Ice Hockey.

It’s not easy not to be part of the solution, He increased. The actual decision is up to him. Unless his body lets go. So many questions again.

Sad twist of fate that on the day one legend dies another, very much alive, takes its place. For how long? More questions…

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