Bird flu: False alarms in two suspected areas of Estri

These farms in Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby were suspected to have been fourth and fifth this week to have been hit by the virus. Corresponding’Canadian Food Safety Authorityit was the producers themselves who warned the agency of the possible presence of bird flu among their animals.

Someone called to report symptoms resembling a reportable illnessexplains Dr. Marc Bertrand, National Surgery Veterinarian at theCanadian Food Safety Authority.

A team from the agency was dispatched to the site to collect samples, which were then analyzed. Although the test results were negative, Dr. Bertrand on high alert.

For people who have birds for pleasure, waterfowl such as hens or hens, it is important to protect them from wild birds, especially our geese and ducks. »

A quote from dr Marc Bertrand, National Surgery Veterinarian at theCanadian Food Safety Authority

It is still a rare human disease, affecting only people who have had close contact with animals, but is highly contagious between animals. The best biosecurity measures must be taken. See our website for examples of measures that apply to commercial farms [web] audienceadds the specialist in this type of virus.

dr Bertrand also wanted to warn the public about possible interactions with animals that might be infected with bird flu.

If we come into contact with wild birds, then with native birds, it is certain that transmission can occur. »

A quote from dr Marc Bertrand, National Surgery Veterinarian at theCanadian Food Safety Authority

We must do everything possible not to attract them, so do not feed them or prepare waters specially for them. Also, don’t create false security. It’s not because we don’t see them [les maladies] not that they don’t exist.

Quarantine of several weeks to come

Certain control and quarantine measures to limit transmission of the virus may be lifted due to negative results in suspicious environments.

However, precautionary measures remain in force in the affected environments, confirms theCanadian Food Safety Authority. There are two commercial farms in Knowlton and Saint-Claude and a small farm in the regional municipality from Haut-Saint-Francois

The situation is under control, but there are still steps to be taken before we can lift our measures. There are follow-up checks that will extend over a few weeks after the end of the control measures. The measures we need to take are really cleaning and disinfecting infected places before we can count our quarantine time.indicates the national specialist veterinarian for operations.

dr Bertrand admits that these bird flu epidemics are dealing a heavy blow to the growers who are affected.

It has the effect of a bomb. It’s really a disaster for people in the industry. There are a lot of losses, it’s very difficult for them. They have taken the appropriate means to protect themselves, they are taking the appropriate means to work with us, but it is hitting them hard. This also includes small backyard farms. These people have a bond with their birds.

Our teams on the ground show empathy to minimize the negative impact on affected people, but our priority remains the elimination of reportable avian influenza from Canadian territory. »

A quote from dr Marc Bertrand, National Surgery Veterinarian at theCanadian Food Safety Authority

Among other things, the organization recommends that pet bird keepers keep them indoors as much as possible to avoid contact with wild waterfowl.

Affected farms

Sherbrooke company Clark et Fils is concerned about the presence of bird flu in Estrie. The agricultural equipment supplier is in the middle of its season and expects to sell more than 70,000 chicks in the coming weeks.

Clark et Fils owner John Crease, who has been in the industry for more than 50 years, said the situation is worrying.

He worries that one of his three chick suppliers could potentially be affected by a flu outbreak, which would have a disastrous impact on his season and cause much disappointment among his customers.

If one of my suppliers is involved in this in the future, it means they will cut the order, so I hope that doesn’t happen. »

A quote from John Crease, owner of Clark and Sons

But he is happy that the customers are still there. So far, there have been no cancellations from buyers.

In addition, he considers it important to make individuals aware of the safety measures to be taken in order not to contribute to the spread, in particular to avoid any contact between farmed and wild birds.

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